Lilly is part of Carver's camp (E3 spoilers)

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Here's a video on this subject. Interesting stuff...



  • Matt is getting promoted a lot in here. Not a problem though, The guy knows what he's doing.

  • i wouldn't count on it, her story is just over, she had her time, just let her go

  • Nope: number one lesson of TWD: off screen deaths are a big no-no.

  • I hope she died !!!! Sorry Lilly fans

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    This doesn't make any sense if you leave Lilly on the side of the road, how did she get the RV? As interesting as it would be to have Lilly show up, it's not gonna happen.

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  • What I find interesting is the order of the achievements . . . seems like the camp is over run and maybe Lilly saves you since Fresh Fish is down the bottom of the list ? ?

  • if she does return kenny is going to be pissed

  • i know, but lilly's voice actor said shes not coming back i heard

  • One she just could have found the RV when you left her when she was looking around. Two they just could have the same RV right?

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    damned just want the episode

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    No she didn't. She said she wasn't called in yet, and she isn't allowed to confirm that. That was way back in episode 2 while it was still in production.

  • aaah okay so i misunderstanded it, my bad, but in my eyes, her story is just over dont get me wrong i liked her alot

  • Im pretty sure SHE is going to be pissed here.

  • It would be just to coincidental. I think they should save her crazy ass for season 3. If anything Im siding with Kenny I still cant forgive her for killing Carly just to show Kenny an example. That was just too insane and random.

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    Fresh fish is the first achievement.

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  • Hope not. Kenny returning was plot convenient enough.

  • Says a Kenny fan :p

    Seriously, Kenny's arc came to a fitting close when he sacrificed himself. He's had his time and more.

  • It was insane, yes, but not really random considering it had a lot of build up.

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    It wasn't really plot convenient, as anyone could have filled his role of group antagonist.

    He was more of an attempt of fan service with insufficient explanation of his survival.

    A 'Deus ex Makenny', if you will.

    (waits for the Kenny fanboys and girls to dislike his post because he doesn't accept every single thing that Kenny does despite overall liking him as a character)

    edit: and surprise surprise, arrivederci downvotes

  • "and more."
    Pretty much sums it up nicely.

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    Anyone else tired of threads claiming to contain 'spoilers' for episode 3 and then only containing wild speculation?

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    They wanted to bring a character back from season one to fill that role. Bringing him a quarter of the way across the country in the exact same direction as Clem, going over the bridge at the exact same time, without having due reason for his surviving in the first place, and saying "fuck his character arc and sacrifice." That's very convenient for the plot to advance with said character in it.

    Perhaps it wasn't plot convenient, but it was damn convenient for the plot they wanted to set.

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    I think Lilly would be more angry considering Kenny tried to abandon her to the Bandits in the motel before she killed Doug/Carley :p

    And you know, the whole father murder thing.

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    I still don't quite understand why they felt Kenny needed to return without a good reason.

    Is it just fan service?

  • Fan service and a happy shocking moment is my guess. Seems like a disservice to fans of the actual story in my honest opinion though.

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    I'm sorry to repeat myself, but I just genuinely don't understand how you think Lilly's story is over but Kenny's wasn't, can you enlighten me?

    Sorry, I just...really can't fathom that

  • It does rather, but careful saying that, it's comments like that that the Kenny cheerleaders heap downvotes upon :p

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    In one of the speculation pictures posted in the video, someone says that Clem will bring two people called 'Annie and Laura' into the community

    Can anyone tell me who they are? Were their names found in files or something?

  • Why not? Just because you don't like her as a person?

    It's not like you'll be forced to like her if she returns..

  • if there is a season 3, i'd like to her to return there. it feels like a bit too much to be running into two characters from previous seasons right after each other. but i would love to see lilly back.

  • I'm not a Lilly fan but I hope she returns so she can answer for her crimes. She killed Carley and stole the RV... if I bump into her I would do my best to turn everyone against her.

  • Oh god the dislikes!

    It's ok, if I really wanted to get likes I'd just run around typing Go mustache, I'll get you with my saltlick, KENNY, and other useless Kenny kissing posts :p

    It's better to tell telltale they made a mistaken than to join the herd....

  • It wouldn't make any sense. Lilly coincidentally is at the same camp as the 400 days characters AND where Clem is going? Just doesn't add up

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    You mean like Kenny co-incidentally being in a location clem runs across?

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    He didn't look very closely at the icon for the achievement, it seems. The front grill is much bigger than the RV's. And what about that truck that Clem and Pete hide in at the beginning of episode 2? Also, "Lilly's RV"? I thought it was Kenny's?

  • At least the time is over when they would post that obnoxious gif just so they would get upvotes.

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