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Is Carver actually a BAD guy ?

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Carver is painted as the antagonist and no doubt I think Telltale will continue with that storyline but I would also love to see them throw in a monkey wrench - give Carver some positive attributes. I know he killed seemingly innocent members of your group but you do have to remember:

  • we know very little as to WHY he left the group
  • he is chasing Rebecca who has her kid. That is a pretty powerful force.
  • he seems like he has a commitment to his group/ community which are pretty positive characteristics

In another thread, the question is posed : "Would you kill Carver?"

The obvious answer is "yes" as of right now because he hasn't done anything beneficial yet. I think Telltale is going to at least give Carver some "courageous" act to portray him in a different light. Just food for thought. Like I said I think Carver will be a absolute (insert curse word here) for most of the episode and than in the end maybe reveal something that would paint him in a more positive light.

  • Carver reminds me of David from the last of us...

  • No idea, I'd say yeah, he's a bad guy, well at least now he's a bad guy. I guess that world changed him.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    I hope he is, he looks like he'll be one brilliant antagonist.

  • The problem is, that you have to imagine what goes on in this kinds of situation!

    Sure it's totally fucked what Carver did to Walt and Kenny and espacially Carlos, but I have to admit that there is something that we don't know about carver yet, and maybe he will show us his good sides, probably.

    I think the same princip goes on with Nick, because you have had ever the chance to blame him for what he did back on the bridge and so it was the easiest choice to make him responsible for everything, so I don't want to say my opinion about Carver to loud. The best thing what I could do now ist to wait .

    P.S. Don't think I sympathize with Carver 'cause I do not!

  • He hit CLEMENTINE, a little girl, in the stomach and put a gun up to her head.

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    Butt-head BANNED

    He's not a bad guy. His childhood was bad. Madsen said that.

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  • Well, from all we know, Alvin could have killed George, Carver's best friend, and then just left Carver with everyone else, including the lady carrying Carver's baby. If that happened, it would technically make Alvin worse than Lilly, who many people hate on this forum. Imagine if someone killed YOUR best friend, you would probably be extremely pissed off. Plus, Walter may have not died if KENNY would not have shot at Johnny. Also, if Alvin dies, it's because KENNY shot at Carver. I still think Carver is probably a bad man, but he is one of my favorite characters in Season Two because he's such an interesting character. Just because he's my favorite character doesn't mean I'm saying I want him to live to the end. I'm just saying I think he's a very interesting antagonist.

  • Man you guys are forgiving motherfuckers. "Carver killed Walter because Kenny killed his friend." I doubt Carver gave a shit about Johnny. He refers to him as "our man" so I doubt he actually cared. He didn't like having his power threatened so he killed Walter to show everyone that he was still in control.

    People keep bringing up George but Carver probably didn't care about him either. He wanted an excuse to justify murdering the husband of Rebecca and no one even knows how George died but considering how submissive Alvin is I doubt he killed him in cold blood. The group was most likely escaping from Carver and George was a member who was trying to stop them. Alvin probably shot him on their way out to save the group.

    Carver is not a nice man. Good people don't try to track down people and kidnap, torture, and execute them. The way his camp looks is like a prison.

    Also I got the impression that Carver raped Rebecca. She didn't look at all excited to see him and Rebecca was hoping that it would be Alvin's so she didn't have any emotional attachment to him. Good people don't rape women.

  • Nope! He is a innocent angel.

    Yes, he is the villain, but he is hell smarter, than the stranger.

  • I'm sure he's a good guy. It's not like he's only had about 10 minutes of screen time and kills off two characters and even willingly put a gun to kids head.

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