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real snow or not ?? in sheeps clothing

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guys this is just a theory and need your response .... what will be your reaction if snow is not real snow .. i mean a fable which is glamoured to look like snow and real snow white is still kidnapped ... this means the snow which is appeared in episode 2 and 3 is a fake one ..... this truth will be revealed in episode 4 in sheeps clothing ... i am 100 % sure this isn't true but it'll be a terrific twist in game

  • It couldn't possibly be a fake snow, Bigby should have notice something totally different about her, also when she came into Greenleaf's apartment Greenleaf would've immediately notice it was not Snow,
    And if Greenleaf was hiding her identity,
    When Snow ordered Bigby to burn the tree, Greenleaf would have pointed out it was not Snow,
    She helped "Snow" and there would be no reason to burn the tree

  • Exactly. I think we can reject this theory, even op said he doesn't think that will happen. There are many reasons why this wouldn't make any sense.

  • As everyone else said, it would most certainly be Twist Central in all of our frontal lobes! Protect your brains guys, protect 'em good.

  • yes

  • kill fake one haha..just kidding
  • Yeah but only the real snow can be as annoying as she was in episode 3. Perhaps "in sheep's clothing" refers to Bigby wearing a sweater instead of his white shirt, you know that shirt has to be dead now it took like 50 shotgun shells and then got ripped when he transformed. At least a sweater would stretch.... i'm joking obviously, i like your theory about snow it would be cool. But i think Bigby can smell the difference between real snow and an impostor, or at least that's what they imply in the comics.
  • A possible suspect, who could fit into the entire picture shown. Having some motives, when gaining a powerful position, or simple revenge, timing when discovering the first, and going to the second crime.The ability to get at information and destroy, the mirror, the key, taking calls. Though ultimately lacking in completely known motivation, why be seen as so innocent offering help, if only the usurping murderer? Lacking in the murder weapon.

    Her sweet nature makes her seem immune, because she is seen to be trying to help when providing help, all the other fables trust her. She could quite easily be a devious witch. Who knows?

    There are some other suspects, who also fit into the picture, having more possible intent then Snow White.
    • i agree it's just a prediction
      • She was there at the right times, she had access, all the fables trust her, she has motives. She could quite easily be devious. But then why would she be shown to help, well possibly to pin the blame and get away with it, then it would only be a matter of time? Where is the murder weapon? Why does she play Bigby heart? HAHA... I think there is a lot more to this story

        There are more suspects. Most are quite guilty to some extent, some a lot more so, who have had just as much opportunity, some having more intention, that don't provide help, are entirely untrustworthy.

        Replying to this thread, no prediction made..

        Mainly because I am getting real tired of these lips are killed, fantasizing of afterlife extortion schemes
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