real snow or not ?? in sheeps clothing



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    It is not that dumb, I actually like the fact that you think outside the box, it's more unoriginal and also improbable. And I must disagree with you, I definitely don't find it to be cool. Still, I greet your unconventional contemplating of the possibilities.

  • I don't think black market Glamour don't cost much, you can't use normal glamour to look like someone else (the expensive glamour) unless you got it from AG, well it's all the same but one is more cheaper and it doesn't work well

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    I think that would be a better twist in this game a very plausible addition to it. There is tangible development to suggest, that she isn't all that she seems. I personally think it would be far too cheesy to suddenly announce a brand new killer, of whom we haven't seen from the first episode. Because in humble opinion we wouldn't be solving anything rather them playing out a story. Which could easily end, and then they all live happily ever after.

    Snow White eats a poison apple from the Witch,falls to sleep only to be awakened by loves kiss from the prince. Which in this story could easily be the Wolf. We all know how Crane has had power, and been acting out her Mundie story. What is not to suggest he is already keeping her asleep and trying to awaken her and in frustration going to the prostitutes. Although this would mean she is Cinderella whom was abroad in Europe, supposedly, or the Horseman, or possibly someone else, in securing greater position choose murder?

    Who is committing the murders, where this is where it would gets interesting? Those being killed are the prostitutes to cover up Crane tracks but why would this be the feeble perverted Crane? Or with any business to extortion, black market, prostitution. protection, etc. Of whom this business is associated to Bluebeard? That is not to suggest he is covering Crane tracks at greater expenses. Although unlikely when conducting his own investigation or that of any of his business associates. So this leaves a 3rd party with an axe to grind. Woody who was obvious and also slightly stupid. Perhaps the Headless Horseman whom would bring far more armegaddon then just revenge. Vivan or Larissa who are also using their cover of silence but not with a real motive to their friends. Snow white was simply evil, in wanting to make those real changes, and be at the top of power? Introducing the Pig as bacon and the Toad's as a real croaker. The bouncer a serially but stupid pawn. The pimp hurting his own investments. The Witch killing off her money. Beast and Beauty what would they have gained.

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  • crane can get the glamours from (ag)

  • Yeah man. What if the real Snow White is the icy cold-hearted murderer?!! Everyone would be mind blown!!!! Booom. Heh.

  • yeah it'll be awesome ..

  • If Greenleaf did it. She would know..

  • correct ... jst my prediction

  • kill fake one haha..just kidding
  • Ya the glamoured snow. What if its just the killer wanting to be snow.
  • AKA not my type of woman
  • Yeah but only the real snow can be as annoying as she was in episode 3. Perhaps "in sheep's clothing" refers to Bigby wearing a sweater instead of his white shirt, you know that shirt has to be dead now it took like 50 shotgun shells and then got ripped when he transformed. At least a sweater would stretch.... i'm joking obviously, i like your theory about snow it would be cool. But i think Bigby can smell the difference between real snow and an impostor, or at least that's what they imply in the comics.
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    A possible suspect, who could fit into the entire picture shown. Having some motives, when gaining a powerful position, or simple revenge, timing when discovering the first, and going to the second crime.The ability to get at information and destroy, the mirror, the key, taking calls. Though ultimately lacking in completely known motivation, why be seen as so innocent offering help, if only the usurping murderer? Lacking in the murder weapon.

    Her sweet nature makes her seem immune, because she is seen to be trying to help when providing help, all the other fables trust her. She could quite easily be a devious witch. Who knows?

    There are some other suspects, who also fit into the picture, having more possible intent then Snow White.
  • yeah that's what i am trying to say
  • I hope that since you probably guessed what it will be about, they won't do the same as they did from ep2 after some guy guessed the taxi driver guy the killer (because tbh probably they had to rewrite the story thats why the half year delay..)
  • i agree it's just a prediction
  • lol do you think they will read our posts
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    She was there at the right times, she had access, all the fables trust her, she has motives. She could quite easily be devious. But then why would she be shown to help, well possibly to pin the blame and get away with it, then it would only be a matter of time? Where is the murder weapon? Why does she play Bigby heart? HAHA... I think there is a lot more to this story

    There are more suspects. Most are quite guilty to some extent, some a lot more so, who have had just as much opportunity, some having more intention, that don't provide help, are entirely untrustworthy.

    Replying to this thread, no prediction made..

    Mainly because I am getting real tired of these lips are killed, fantasizing of afterlife extortion schemes
  • can't wait for next episode
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