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Why don't people like Kenny?

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While lurking in the community i've seen more people saying they dont like Kenny.Personally I have no problem with him as a matter of fact he's one of my top 5 TWD characters.Now i'm no Team Kenny or anything,maybe team stache though.I just want to know why people like ex. Viva-La-Lee don't like him?

  • He's an asshole.

    "You don't want to kill an old man in front of his distraught daughter? What kind of man are you? You deserve to die under a fucking door."

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      WhatTheDuck BANNED

      Yeah,i can see where your comin from with that,thats the reason hes' not in my top 3

      • What about when he flipped out on Nick and Luke? That was uncalled for, too. Or the time he said that I was not always there for Duck, when I definitely was. I hit "Go fuck yourself" in half a second

        • Kenny's been through a lot then Nick and Luke just basically said his plan wasn't good, he killed Larry because he knew what would happen, though i admit Kenny should of waited for him to die you would be scared in that situation and not take any chances.

          If he says you weren't always there for duck- then simply you may have been there for Duck alot but not all the time, in my playthrough he insisted on coming with me right away and gave me a bro speech.

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            keylimepie BANNED

            No. Kenny started that fight at the dinner table. There's nothing wrong with homosexuality, but Kenny's "match" comment was pretty much "lol u guys gay?" Then he starts being a dick to Luke.

            Kenny: You ever heard of a place called Wellington?

            Luke: Wellington? The hell is that?

            Kenny: A place.

            Luke: What kind of place?

            Kenny: A good one, Einstein.

            Then he says it's near Michigan. Nick asks "Michigan?" because, HOLY SHIT, fucking MICHIGAN? Disbelief is absolutely an appropriate reaction to possibly having to walk the distance it would take to reach that. Then Kenny continues being a dick by asking if Nick's got a hearing problem. Typical. When that argument started, I didn't hesitate to tell Kenny to stop because he started that shit.

            • Kenny's match comment was a bro type thing, like his friendship with Lee in season one, Kenny in MY playthrough was Lee's best friend and highly cared about Clem.

              Honestly, no character is an asshole and no character is nice, it all depends on how you play.

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                keylimepie BANNED

                Honestly, no character is an asshole and no character is nice, it all depends on how you play.

                What is this even supposed to mean? If that were true then none of the characters would have any personality, it would just be reactivity to the PC. Sorry, but that statement is just not true. There are characters who are assholes, and there are characters who are nice.

                Kenny in MY playthrough was Lee's best friend and highly cared about Clem.

                The fact that a character can be nice means just as much as it does that he can be a huge asshole. This thread was created asking why people don't like Kenny, and lots of people have given good reasons.

                Kenny in your playthrough went to help find Clem? In some playthroughs, Kenny is willing to leave Clementine in danger because he has a grudge against Lee. That's something Clementine had nothing to do with. If the good things a character can possibly do are taken into consideration, then the bad things should be too.

            • I completely agree. I mean, I don't hate Kenny but i'm not a HUGE Kenny fan. It depends on the day for me...

    • I kind of feel that Kenny was still angry after Larry wanting to kill Duck and because Ben told them about coming back no matter what Kenny thought that he wasn't going to risk him coming back and he doesn't mind having to kill him,which yeah does make him a major a**hole.

  • Theres a lot of kenny fans on this forum and if you dis kenny theyll give you a downvote!!!! I heard that if u get so many downvotes u get banned from the forum!

  • in my play through I side with Kenny with pretty much everything, and I still wasn't a fan of the character. he puts everything in one plan, and doesn't even want to listen of a backup plan. then when the plan doesn't work he lashes out and attacks whom-ever. he is really driven to his idea alone and if no one agree to them he just cause problems for everyone. the ideas that he had just make me feel sick, kill someone in front of the only family member they had left, let a person alone crying for help to distract the zombies, he tares other people relationships with your character, while all the time he expect you to listen to him. I am sick of siding to one side of the group. Please writers of the walking dead don't make Clementine to go thro type of choices again.

  • Obviously not everyone is gonna like Kenny ! I would understand if this was another thread about Luke, but Kenny ? People kill each other if you say something against Kenny !

  • Really? Mostly everyone likes Kenny. I don't not like Kenny. After all... Kenny is love. Kenny is life.

    • No they don't.

      Just because lots of fanatics on the forum like to state how Kenny is infallible and thus inhuman, doesn't mean that everyone who played the game likes him.

      • Well I haven't known at least three people who dislike Kenny(I only know two)

        But I said mostly everyone likes him. Maybe like 2/3 of the community?

        • Ah, but with regard to the first point, you are friends with people you get on well with, and people you get on well with would probably get on well with the same characters you do, and so that group isn't a good representation.

          With regard to the second, perhaps 2/3 of those who talk about Kenny like him, but that's the case with most other characters. In terms of the community, there are loads of posts who have never given any opinion about him, and those who do are likely to be the ones saying that they like him a lot.

          In addition, the players who join the forums are the most fanatic of the fanbase (most just play the games and don't discuss them), so it's likely that we get many people who Love love love Kenny, but few who think he is 'meh'.

          Do you see?

          • Sure I guess I see. But I don't have friends on here if that's what your saying (at least I don't think so). Just people who agree on the same things as I do. I could be totally wrong as I do not know how many people there are that dislike Kenny but in my about 4 months on this forum I haven't met many people who dislike him. If they're are they aren't saying anything like you said.

            I guess I can see your point.

            • When you said 'I haven't known at least three people who dislike Kenny', I thought you meant in real life.

              Anyway, the number of likes people are receiving on this thread should show you that not everyone loves Kenny by any means.

        • More like 23% Kenny, 31% Luke, 39% Clem, and 7% Lee.

    • please do not reference that scarring video ;(

    • My Kenny is love thread is still in people's minds even after being deleted? yey i feel special

  • Part of the reason I don't like him is because his fans on this forum can be rather annoying (not all of them, lot's are very nice and calm, as well as able to discuss), but there are some who spam him all over the place.

    Even though I am a Kenny fan, most of his fans on this forum never offer a coherent argument as to why they actually like him, and many of their explanations of why consist of many many double standards (KENNY MURDERED THIS GUY TO DEFEND BNLARGH, THIS DOESN'T COUNT AS MURDER LIKE HER KILLING BLARGH).

    Genuinely, the worst posts are those which are like 'Kenny has to survive until season 3 or I will boycott all of telltale's games', 'Kenny can't die; why would they bring him back to just kill him off?' or worst of all 'Kenny is indisbutably a great guy! It is not arguable, he just is! KENNY IS GOD!'

    I mean, thinking that Kenny has done no wrong isn't just unfeasible, it's downright silly.

    Anyway, mini-rant aside, there are lot's of reason I can see why some wouldn't like him.

    He's very non-loyal, leaving Lee to die in many playthroughs and refusing to help rescue a little girl). If you do just one thing that he doesn't agree with, he can leave you to die. Like seriously, what the fuck. That is just not cool.

    Also annoying is the favouritism Telltale seems to give him: He has been in as many episodes as Clementine, the most of any non-player character, and they brought him back when his character arc had a very satisfying end, whereas less-popular characters such as Lilly were just left out, despite having a lot of character growth left in them.

    However, Telltale is commendable for allowing those who do not like him to say that they don't in episode 2: that was great.

    • I would be just fine with him dying, as long as he dies in Episode 5 by sacrificing himself for Clem

      • That would be great if you're a Kenny fan, but what about the many others? For me I want his death to not at all be heroic.

        After all, he's already had one heroic death, and sending him off to save ANOTHER person would show just how biased telltale are when planning out game content.

        Considering Lilly and Kenny are pretty much the same person in different situations, I think it would be more interesting if he snapped and did something awful like Lilly did.

        • I think Kenny killed Luke or left him for dead, honestly. If he did kill Luke, Clem will obviously think of him as a monster, because Clem and Luke have a little bit of a romance going on. But, like others have been saying, if Luke turns out to be a pedophile: "Yay!" for the Kenny fans, and "Nay!" for the Luke fans... :\

          • Luke is alive as his VO was recording lines recently, however, I think Kenny might have done something to him. Maybe lock him in something, or wound him?

            • We all agree Kenny is an asshole no doubt, but he wouldn't murder someone in cold blood, that's just not like Kenny

              • Really... That's just not like Kenny... sure... Since the first season with Lee, Kenny has been an asshole whether you side with him or not. For example, when Lee ends up in the sewer. How did he? Oh, yeah, that asshole Kenny... Lee's arm was hurt because he was bitten right? Remember, he couldn't reach the ledge because he was in so much pain? He asked Kenny for help ans the little bitch ran away, so Lee was forced to hide away in the sewers.

                  • Not trying to be an asshole, but what's unclear about my comment, give me some feedback.

                    • It seems like you're getting events mixed up. When Lee was in the sewer, he hadn't been bitten yet. That happened at the end of the Episode. Kenny never ran away in that scene, he tried to help Lee up. In fact it was Kenny, not Lee, that was in pain because of the gunshot wound he had sustained at the St. John Dairy. Lee was perfectly fine in that scene, he simply couldn't reach the fire escape without help. Which Kenny DID attempt to provide.

                      • Well, most of us haven't seen that event since it came out. But I was pretty sure he was bitten then, because remember he threatened Vernon with a gun (your choice) to help him fix his arm? So I'm pretty sure he was bitten. But another Kenny event was when he was so worried about getting his RV to run again that he didn't care about the group arguing, which was when Carley/Doug was killed by Lilly. Then when Lilly fires, Kenny is all of a sudden concerned for his family's safety instead of his RV's anymore. You can search this on the youtube, it will surely pop up.

                        • You're just talking nonsense.

                        • Lee was most certainly not bitten during the sewer scene, he got bitten at the end of the Episode. While you are remembering that he can threaten Vernon, he threatens Vernon so Vernon will show him the way back to the house through the sewers. As for the RV scene, there was a walker trapped underneath it. Someone had to get it out and if he'd been concentrating on the argument while he was trying to get it loose from underneath he RV, he might have been bitten. And once he managed to kill the walker he was going to get involved and cast his vote (he says "Ok, what's the problem?" after he kills the walker) and Lilly uses that distraction to draw on Ben or Carley. Nobody could have known what Lilly was going to do, least of all Kenny considering what he was doing at the time of the argument. And once Lilly kills a fellow group member, then why wouldn't he be concerned about his family? If Lilly killed someone out of the blue like that, then what's to stop her from trying to take revenge on Kenny by killing his family? Of course I don't think she would have, but considering what had just happened it was a reasonable assumption to make.

                      • It's called: "The Walking Dead - Carley's Death" on youtube, watch how Kenny cares about one thing then another.

                        • I see Kenny trying to get a walker unstuck from under the RV and asking the group to stop arguing so he can concentrate on not getting bitten. He was coming over to give his 2 cents before Lilly did anything. Like I said, he had no way of knowing what would happen. It was just the latest in a long line of arguments between members of the group, so how was he supposed to know this one would end in someone's death? And when a member of the group begins shooting other members at random for very small and unjustifiable reasons (such as being called a bitch) he would have been a horrible person had he NOT been concerned for his family. I fail to see how that scene in any way demonstrates Kenny's moral failings in the slightest.

                          • When did I ever say that Kenny was supposed to know that would happen? I was stating my opinion in my point of view, and I understand yours. But never once did I say he should have known it would happen. Kenny has alot of dumb shit he did through out the series and this, imo, was one of those moments.

        • Is it really biased, though, if he's done it once before? Like you said, he's already had one heroic "death" so it wouldn't be out of character for him to go out heroically again. That doesn't mean he WILL die heroically of course, but I don't see how that would make Telltale at all biased considering how much of an asshole they made him in both Seasons.

          • It would be in that they gave him two chances to redeem himself when one would suffice/. It would be like they're hitting us over the head with 'THIS PERSON IS A HERO. YOU SHOULD LIKE THIS PERSON.'

            Anyway, I doubt he will leave in any similar way to how he did in season 1.

            • Maybe I'm just a sucker for bookends, but I disagree. Especially with how far they've gone in making him easy to dislike this Season. Of course, we've only had a little time with him in Season 2 so maybe he'll be less of a dick in the next Episode, but as of right now it's like they want us to hate him.

              • I'm not sure they quite want us to hate him, they just want us to know that something isn't right.

                But you are correct, he is slightly less likable this season (although he has repeated his policy of antagonizing anyone who disagrees with him remotely).

                The trouble is, lots of his fans now do things such as hate Luke just because Kenny does, and they have adapted their like of him to fit the new Kenny instead of being objective.

                • I try to be objective, though I admit that I don't always succeed. I'm a big Kenny fan, but Luke my second favorite Season 2 character that's still alive (Nick being first). All they've really shown is Kenny antagonizing other people, which he does indeed do, but that's not quite all there is to him. while he is an asshole much of the time, that's not all he is and I hope they show us that in the next Episode.

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    keylimepie BANNED

    Kenny is a selfish, spiteful, inconsiderate, unsympathetic, hypocritical dick.

    Whenever he perceives something to be a threat to him or his family, he will do whatever he thinks is necessary to remove that threat. When it's HIM or HIS family that pose a threat to others? Well, other people need to just get the fuck over it. He puts his family first, or acts like he does, but when it comes to it he neglects Katjaa and Duck while they need him most, when Duck is dying. He ignores what's happening in denial and leaves his wife to suffer alone because he's too wrapped up in his own emotional problems. He's a hypocrite. Kenny did what he did with Larry because he believed Larry posed a threat to others. Fine, I get it. But if you don't help Kenny in that moment, he decides to let you know just how much of a man he is, talking shit about how Lee doesn't "have the balls", and other crap like that. Like he's gloating that he did what he did. I am NOT ARGUING FOR OR AGAINST KILLING LARRY, just pointing out that he's a huge dickwad about the whole thing, regardless of whatever side you take. He didn't give a shit about the pain he caused Lilly, but I'm supposed to forgive all of his shit because he's having to go through pain now, too? No.

    His rules apply to everybody BUT himself.

    His attitude is just bullshit. You know that fight between Lilly and Kenny in the beginning of episode two? If you try to stay neutral, Kenny gives you shit for not picking a side. If you DO pick a side, but that side happens to be Lilly's side, he gives you shit for picking sides. That's the kind of person Kenny is. It's not about being rational or seeing things objectively, it's about having his back. If you aren't his friend, then you're his enemy. It doesn't matter if it doesn't make any goddamn sense, YOU DIDN'T HELP HIM, SO OBVIOUSLY YOU MUST HATE HIM. That kind of black and white thinking is stubborn childish bullshit.

    Ugh. I could go on for a bit, but I should probably just... not. BRING ON THE HATE.

    • I forgot about the selfishness.

      A man who says things like 'IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN' when asked if he would drop a saltlick on his wife or son's head is clearly only caught up in his own affairs, and changes his morals.

      It also shows that he is extremely unempathetic, a characteristic that is one of the main reasons that I don't like Kenny as much as I could.

    • You made it ! That was the best test I saw saying all the truth in it. I'm not his fan but I don't hate him, but that text is really what he is !

    • exactly, please someone kill him off. If Kenny stays around and force his ideas on Clem she will change to a really cold hearted person, goodbye to the clementine we know for good. enough is enough, everyone expects you to side with Kenny - but seriously is it really because of the beard, that's stupid, I don't know how he survive but his beard doesn't have powers.

      Kenny just enjoys killing people why can't he come out and say that. He is really a redneck that forces his ideas on everyone he sees.

      • Seems like the anti-kenny population is growing exponentially!

        • I don't see how people like him I really don't he doesn't have any empathetic. and the things he says he won't takes his own advice. the ideas you have you just kill them and says this is how we do things. gamers play games because they the ideas, enjoyment, music, action and number other things but the people who love Kenny must not have empathy I don't know how dose people can agree to those ideas sorry I just don't know how to.

      • I really don't know why people are even siding with Kenny in the first place... In the first season with Lee, Kenny is a complete asshole the whole time. I mean, COME THE FUCK ON guys! How could you pick Kenny as your favorite character when Lee was, then Kenny was being a n asshole the whole Season... What I'm saying is, if you liked Lee in the first game, how could you like Kenny now, as much of an asshole he was then. Just think about it, it doesn't make sense for your likings to turn to Kenny, the asshole, from Season 1...

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      drea13 BANNED

      "Kenny is a selfish, spiteful, inconsiderate, unsympathetic, hypocritical dick."

      Basically, but people still like him. The ones that act like his shit don't stink,I call them "The Ken Dolls"

  • I love Kenny. Tied as my 3rd favorite character from S1 (Lee and Clem the first 2 obviously, tied with Molly). What I don't like is they brought him back for s2.

  • I'm kinda pissed that they brought him back. That scene where he sacrificed himself for Ben (or Christa) was really powerful and it really made me respect him more, buuuuuut then he reappears with a godlike beard and says I got lucky....

    • same here. that was my only liking of Kenny and came back who-knows-how, he couldn't lift the lead to the sewers un less he had a weapon to pull it off, unless he find a place to hide and stayed quiets till the zombies were gone, or he work out putting zombie blood you could let you appear as one of them, there is pretty much no logical way he could get out. It's magic.....that's how he got out, forget it! he only came back because there was enough Kenny fans out there saying "please bring him back", and low and behold he is in series 2.....oh geez.

  • Because they're giant babies who get salty when they fuck up. Every decision Kenny makes is pretty much the most sensible one to make at the time, but since it doesn't fit into the preconceived paragon run some players have in their head they get mad when he's the one who calls them out on it.

    Also there's the general discontent toward "rednecks" or abrasive alpha male characters who teased them when they grew up, etc. etc.

    • Way to generalise and insult loads of people dude. Kudos.

      • It's ok, the opinions of those people are based almost entirely on negative emotional responses and are therefore garbage.

        • Their opinions are based on disliking his bad emotional responses and they are thus not valid?

          • No their emotional responses, which all fall into the spectrum of "but he was mean to meeeeeeeee" when they do dumb shit.

            • You think someone being mean to you isn't a valid reason to dislike them?

              • It isn't when you do stupid shit, correct.

                • Ah, but the shit is only stupid in your opinion, not theirs, and hence it is still a valid reason for them.

                  Just as in real life, if I found a joke really funny but you found it to be really offensive and crude, it would not be intrinsically stupid for me to want to hear another of the same kind, but it would for you.

                  • "Hmmm yes subjective reality and relative to all parties you see hmm yes."

                    No, they were objectively stupid and actively harmful to your and the group's survival.

                    You're welcome.

                    • Yes because Kenny smashing in the head of an old man was so damn helpful and smart!

                      • Yeah when the old man just had a heart attack and kennys family were being held by crazy cannibals
                        It's subjective as to whether that was smart but that could be considered helpful

                        • He was indeed trying to help, but that doesn't make him always right:

                          Larry was alive, as seen by the fact that he starts to breathe if you press on his chest enough, but doesn't breathe if you don't.

                          • Who said that that made him right
                            Besides him moving his mouth could've also indicated reanimation but I don't care what's done is done Larry was dumb enough to get worked up no matter how much his daughter tried to keep him calm

                            • It couldn't have indicated reanimation, as he only does that if you push hard on his chest enough times.

                              Unless you are saying that pushing on someone's chest makes them turn into a zombie faster for no reason?

                              • Yeah because obviously pushing on someone's chest turns them into a walker faster (don't try to think I'm making stupid suggestions because that itself is stupid) for all we know his mouth moving could've been a reaction to the CPR telltale neither confirmed nor denied what that breath meant it was left up to the player to decide whether Larry was alive or mot

                                • For all you know it's not a stupid suggestion at all.

                                  If Larry crossed the threshold where reanimation occurs then pumping the chest could speed transmission of the pathogen through his body.

                                  Good thing Kenny was there to dispense mercy and justice in equal measure, truly he is infallible.

                                • It moves in a completely different way to before with the Cpr for no other reason.

                                  He was alive, and people's liking of Kenny is blinding them to that truth.

                                  Kenny was RIGHT to try it and arguably right to murder him, but that doesn't stop him from being incorrect!

                                  • Whatever like I said before what's done is done I don't care whether Larry is still alive or not

                                    • Whether he was dead or not doesn't matter in questioning whether Kenny was doing the right thing, sure.

                                      However, it does matter when facing the wuesdtion of whether what Kenny did had the best outcome. Which it didn't.

                                      It also led to the death of Carley/Doug as well, so...

                                      • No Carley died because she was mouthing off to lily (not smart but I can't blame her for that) Doug died because he was a hero (he didn't have to jump in front of ben) besides if Larry was alive don't you think that when that happened he would've also killed somebody

                                        • It wasn't just the fact that Carley insults her, since lee can call her horrible things in ep one and she doesn't shoot him.

                                          There is a clear change in character for Lilly between episode 2 and 3: she doesn't feel like she can trust anyome, and that is what ultimately led to Carley getting shot.

                                          Lilly even spells this out for you by saying 'I was trying to protect us. I have nothing left..'.

                                          She had become paranoid and neurotic and wasn't a capable leader all because she lost everything she had after her father was brutally killed in front of her. And in all honesty, that would mess anyone up, especially when he's your only family left.

                                          • I'm not saying that was te only thing I'm SAYING that that's the straw that broke the camels back

                                            • It certainly was, but then it is misleading to say 'She killed her because she called her a bitch'.

                                              I mean, for one thing Lilly even suspected her way before she said that.

                                              So I think saying 'She killed her because she called her a bitch' is misleading.

                        • If an elderly man with a history of heart problems has a heart attack, isn't breathing and has no access to medication, much less a hospital, the dude's dead. He might literally meet the qualifications for "dead" as far as we know concerning the infection.

                          The group has absolutely no idea how long it takes for a corpse to become a walker or what the determinant factors are. When it happened to Mr. Parker/Travis it was near instantaneous.

                          If you try to revive him, you're gambling with every life in that locked container.

                          The only reason you'd do it is because you imagine yourself as the protagonist in a story and imagine you have plot armor that allows you to make risky "good" decisions. If you're not metagaming like this, however, it's incredibly fucking stupid.

                          • So you're saying that CPR is impossible to be successful for the elderly?

                            If you genuinely want to follow that thought train, then I shall email my sister, a doctor, and ask.

                            And you're right, they don't have any idea.

                            That is why I said he was trying to help. However, that does not mean he was correct in his assumption that LArry was dead.

                    • I don't really see how Kenny is only mean to you if you do 'stupid shit'.

                      For example, in my playthrough he hit me for suggesting that we stop the train to sort out Duck.

                      Or do you think that keeping duck alive on the train would have been beneficial for the group's survival?

                      • Hi I'm Lemoncakes, wait what you don't have a hard on for Kenny like I do well FUCK YOU!

                      • Oh no he had a human reaction to his son dying.

                        He got over it and made the right decision, once again.

                        • So you are thereby saying that when you said Kenny was always right and only ever disagrees when you are doing stupid things, you were speaking untruthfully, no?

                          • Nope. His mission statement is to do right by his family. Kenny has never done a single thing wrong, ever.

                            He is immaculate.

                            • So punching Lee in the face when Lee suggested that they stop his son turning into a zombie and possibly leading to more deaths on the train, most likely that of his wife, you think THAT is not a wrong thing? Despite the fact that he himself later admits that he was wrong?

                              • Nope. Was a conflict of interest that Kenny expressed through the language of the Man Dance.

                                Lee and Kenny understood this platonic ritual of male bonding and their relationship grew stronger through the ceremony. Kenny took his duties and obligations to his family to the limit and then flawlessly pivoted like a hypermasculine ballerina to broader responsibilities.

                                We should all strive to be as perfect as he is.

            • You're bathing in down votes... but what you're saying is spot on.

              • Yeah, Kenny and Lee were the ones who got shit done.

                On the other hand Lilly couldn't run a lemonade stand even if she tried.

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                  UndeadEuan BANNED

                  Dragon clearly you didn't play Season 1.

                  Lilly was the leader of the group and had the tough decision of deciding who got to be fed.

                  • I did, and Mark heard a rumor that Lilly was giving Larry extra rations just because she could. Is that what a good leader would do? And lets say she was the leader of the group, (Which my Lee said Kenny was, its really up for the player to decide) it doesn't give any excuse to fire up on her own group.

                    She was under immense stress of course, I can understand that. But you have to be under immense stress to be a leader, and she couldn't handle that.

                    • Did you or did you not give Clementine food because she was a member of your apocalypse family?

                      Do you think Kenny wouldn't give food to his son and wife?

                      Lilly did what we would have.

                      • Yes, but we didn't know how Lilly distributed the food. If she just picked favorites then sure, Larry can have as much food as he wants. But Mark said the way it worked was Lilly wanted everyone to have the chance to lose a meal, and if Larry was on that list, she might've secretly marked him off.

                        And Lilly as a leader didn't work out, and the player could see how much the group didn't like her survivalistic attitude. Well, besides Larry and determinantly Lee to an extent. (If you chose Carley she said "everyone looks up to you as a leader" and if you chose Doug Kenny holds up the St. Johns when Lilly specifically said not to, and the group didn't really care)

                        and I know I'm biased in thinking this way because I had Kenny's back since the beginning (Only made sense, he was with me longer than Lilly was and offered me a ride) but the way I see it is if you are loyal to Kenny he will have your back until the end, and if you are loyal to Lilly she tells everyone you're a murderer and nabs up your RV.

                        • That's odd, because in my Kenny support playthrough, he ratted out to he group that I didn't shoot the girl and makes me seem like a horrible person for it

                          In my opinion that's just as bad as what Lilly did with saying he killed but that's just my opinion

                          • I think it was more of a "See what we have to do to survive here? We need to leave!" rather than a "Gonna tell everyone in the group what we did just to make you distrust us more"

                            And to be fair If you say "We got what we needed, it was just something that had to happen" Kenny backs you up.

                            Kind of off topic here, but when Duck got bitten I suspected Kenny to be the one to commit suicide, because the whole game you knew Kenny as the guy who immediately put family first, but even after his whole family is dead he keeps pushing on, kind of like a morbid Thomas the Train with a mustache.

                            • And hers was a 'you've had a murderer in your group for months and yet you have a go at me?'

                              Something interesting to contemplate is just how similar Lilly's murder and Lee's murder were.

                              I would love to have seen Katjaa continue on without Kenny: would have been a much less predicable narrative as she was always more passive, and could have led to some hugely interesting character development.

                              Also another way Lilly is like kenny: after their whole family is slaughtered, they carry on doing the best they can. They both then snap, but in different ways.

                              In fact, Kenny tells you to kill Ben, so maybe they really aren't different ways.

                              • Yeah, they were both trying to cope with the loss of their family in their own way, and in my original playthrough I chose Doug, and after Lilly shot him up she felt felt extreme guilt over her actions.

                                After that I saved Ben in Episode 4, and when I told Kenny in the attic that he wanted to die he said something along the lines of:

                                Lee: He wanted to Crawford.

                                Kenny: What's that now?

                                Lee: When I had him there, in my hand...He wanted me to drop him. He asked me to.

                                Kenny: Oh jesus, I'm glad it was you making that call and not me.

                                They're both people who feel guilt over their actions, and it's up to the player to decide the "lesser of two evils" in a way.

                                One more thing I liked about Kenny was in Episode 1 he gives you a ride and saves you no matter what, but in episodes 2-4 you start to see how much of an asshole he can be, but in Episode 5 you see that he can still be a good man under it all. (Risks his life to save a kid that indirectly killed his family, finally making amends with Lee if you butted heads with him the whole game, ect)

                                It would've been neat to see how Katjaa would handle Kenny and Duck's death, but I think the whole Boatmaster 2000 plan wouldn't work because Kenny was the only one who knew how to work a boat.

                                And Lilly and Lee's murders were similar, but in my opinion Lee is the only one who got redemption after it.

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