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I know for a fact that we will possibly be fighting Bloody Mary in Episode 4 or 5, But I think she might be a challenge for Bigby because if you read her Bio she has some teleporting power which she mostly uses to go kill mudanes that say her in the bathroom. What do you guys think to be honest I know I'm not the only guy that thinks she's kinda hot but she's wearing glamour that the downside but still I would hit it while her Glamour last.



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    I definitely wouldn't mind a fight taking place in a hall of mirrors, maybe something like Bruce Lee in "Enter The Dragon"?It's just an example, I don't mean that Bigby should start roundhouse kicking everybody.:)

    Regarding the question of whether she's hot or not, I don't know,man.... I guess? In that weird, crazy way?

  • You do realize she's just in glamour right? If she wasn't a magic resistant teleporting ghost psychotic killer in glamour then I'd hit it too

  • Yeah I know that's the down side but still great Glamour for all we know the Crooked Man probably hit it a few times.

  • I hope we see her in another form, looking more like the classic Bloody Mary with the hollowed out, bleeding eyes, pale skin etc.

  • A room of mirrors in my opinion is (Not to be offensive) a bit dull and uncreative. I'd personally like to see a clash between the two outside, in the rain, with many different puddles to for BM's use.

  • that look she has when she beckons bigby to throw the tweedle at her

  • Leave her as the final boss, in my opinion. The seeds have been planted and now the build up begins.

  • The way she says 'To their family dog....woof!'

  • narrow chin cute

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    lol, all you need to match Bigby is a gun with special bullets. He got owned in the comics in a very similar fashion, but by Goldilocks.

    If you're a woman with a awesome gun or an elite swordsmen, then Bigby is going down.

  • Not really. Bigby is one of the strongest characters in the Fables universe. And yes, there are certain narrative tricks that the author uses to create a more interesting storyline, but it doesn't mean it easy to defeat the god of wolves.

    I got the impression that you are pretty familiar with the comics, so it's puzzling to me why you wrote a comment like that.

  • bigby is a demigod he can only be killed by silver or beheading

  • I've heard someone mention on this forum that Bigby has been frozen and smashed into pieces but still remained alive. Logic dictates that he should be able to live through decapitation.

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    • How many of you have noticed Bloody Mary was using the Woodman's Axe when she confronts Bigby? For those of you did, here's a theory. In episode one you have the choice to ask the Magic Mirror where the Woodsman is, and it shows him stumbling on the sidewalk. Above him you can see a neon green light which most likely reads 'Pawn' (all you can see in the image is -awn- not the full word.) later on in the series, episode three, you catch Jack inside Crane's apartment looting (if you choose to go there), eventually he tells you he's using the stuff to sell at a pawn shop for some cash, he also works in the exact pawn shop he's selling to, again, for cash. This pawn shop is owned by the Crooked Man. Later that night Bloody Mary confronts you, with the Woodman's Axe. So, I think Woody sold his axe at the pawn shop (Maybe for the money, after all, we've never heard or seen him with his own place to live, plus he's obviously fallen on hard times.) he could have sold it to Jack, and Bloody Mary could have bought it, or considering the Crooked Man owns the place, and she works for him, could've took it for himself and given it to her. Just a thought :)
  • Its hard to say how much of a fight she could put up against Bigby. I would assume that she is probably not a match for him in a straight up fight due to the fact that she shot him in the back instead of engaging him hand to hand. Then again, she broke his arm pretty easily, but that may have been due to his weakness to silver.

    Also her ability to teleport through mirrors implies a sneakier style of fighting. She might be a problem for him in a room of mirrors, though haha

  • Nice theory but, what if you were the Woodsman would you sell your iconic trusty Axe? I wouldn't :)

  • Haha, I guess that's something to think about, but what's a theory without a few holes? :) I'm gonna think about this a little more.

  • Bloody Mary, yum. Oh, erm, she'd still make a kickass boss fight though, I want multiple environment interactions concerning her fight, compared to the Woodsman's!

  • I think Jack stole Woody's axe, sold it to the pawn shop, then BM happened on by and bought it. An alternative is the Crooked Man took a liking to it and gave it to BM to deal with Bigby.

  • what's a theory without a few wholes?. spoilers.

  • That sounds reasonable too! So many theories.

  • The sad reality is that the TellTale staff like to go around the forums, checking everyone's theories and changing the game content so that everyone's surprised. It's a shame our brilliant thinking isn't put into the final product.

  • Maybe sometimes.. It'd be kinda hard to predict exactly what's going to happen unless you've already played ahead, or in this cause, the next episode.

  • Yeah, but at least we get the surprise, or shock. Depends on the person.

  • That's a great way to look at it. Thumbs up for positive thinking.

  • Thanks! After all, whatever they're doing is keeping us around, so they're obviously doing something right. X3

  • Well there was a theory that was right and was in Ep 3 (but I forgot what it was) we'll just spit a bunch of theories and telltale will have no choice but to keep the story the same as they thought it would be or the story will be ruin

  • Yeah? I hadn't heard of that. I personally try to stay away from stuff that has the next episodes Title in it, stuff like that, before the episode is actually released and I've played it. Sometimes I even stay away from the discussion boards if the episode is a week or so away.

  • That theory was (I think) a few days to a week before release so they couldn't change it. Theories made now I'm 80% certain will not make it to the game.

  • I don't know, I think it was midway of the release of Ep3. I forgot, I'll tell you when I remember

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    I saw this somewhere on reddit or tumblr or something a few days ago.

  • Wow, well, guess you can never be too carful.

  • alive but unable to fight good as dead

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    Still alive huffing and puffing though ;)

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