• I cant remember what cigars you can find in Woody's place and at the Trip Trap, but if they are the same, Woodsman is definetly involved. Maybe Crooked Man or Bloody Mary sent him to kill her and he didnt want , then he/she stole his axe and kill her. Or another theory is that at the beginning when you look at the mirror for the first time serching for the Woodsman he didnt have his axe so Mary/one of the Tweedles stole it. Or maybe Jack stole it because Woodsman was going to the Pawn Shop ( im not 100% sure ) where Jack works ( he will tell you that if you go first to Crane's apartment ).

    So my complete theory is that Crane payed Vivian to take pictures of Lily and him ( agree with you on that ) then Lily fell in a "deep sleep" like in a book then Crane tried to woke her up with kiss like Prince Crarming but it didnt work and he left her. After that someone ( BM/Woody/Jack/Dee/Dum ) came there and killed thinking its Snow. Yet again I dont know why Crane was taking pictures.

    BTW change your tittle so you dont spoil for someone who didnt played episode 2 ( for example just Lily's crime scene ).

    PS Sorry for the bad gramar.

  • I feel like someone is blackmailing Crane or Lily, if Crane knew about the picture he wouldn't have forgotten to take it with him. Or maybe Nerrisa has something to do with it, she looks scared and/or nervous (and how she constantly looks around her) in the beginning when she asks something along the lines "find anything?" To Bigby about the case. Also the teaser trailer for Ep4 shows Nerrisa in Bigby's Office, talking about something, the picture it isn't exactly work so her lips aren't sealed...

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