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jurassic park for andriod

posted by thejurassicparkguy on - Viewed by 3.6K users

i just noticed how jurassic park is available to everything except andriod and i just thought it would be great if they added this.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Jurassic Park wasn't ported to Android as Telltale didn't begin starting to support Android this year when they ported The Walking Dead Season One.

    Since they do support Android now in the Telltale Tool, it is possible that Jurassic Park will get a port. But, it's not very likely as it seems that Telltale is only planning to port over their most recent series (as the only other games that have been announced for an Android based platform are The Walking Dead Season Two (for Android, Ouya, and Amazon Fire TV), The Wolf Among Us (for Amazon Fire TV) and Game of Thrones (for Amazon Fire TV).

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