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Will choice notifications ever be disableable?

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I know there is another post here about it.
I have a slightly different question.

Will there ever be an update where we are allowed to turn those notifications off? If so, I'll wait till then to play it. Even an answer of "maybe" or "nope" would be nice.

They are a big immersion breaking element for me. Instead of being surprised when something that you decided early comes up again later, you're always expecting it because the game told you previously it would happen. And all the choices that the game didn't tell you mattered feel hollow and meaningless.

So, I just want to know if I might as well play this now or if it's worth it to hold out for such a feature later on.

  • They're never going away. Telltale needs to keep the casuals around, because they're their main source of income now. That's why there's no exploration hubs anymore, just guided, on-rails storytelling. Got to keep it simple for the mass of idiots.

    • Sam and Max actually had exploration segments? Sounds awesome!

    • I don't really mind the lack of puzzles, I just view these games as sort of a new kind of "emotional game" category.
      But if they are betting all of it on the story telling and emotional engagement, please, don't dumb that port down.

      If an option to turn these off isn't added in, don't think I'll be buying Season 2 of TWD. My enjoyment of the first installment would not have been the same if "Clementine will remember that" kept popping up.

      • I like the emotional aspects of it too, but I think the puzzles added much needed variety. Otherwise all you have is dialogue tension, action tension and little to no way to just relax, take your time and solve a problem that doesn't have its answer within a dialogue or a bullet to the brain. Remember, the most action packed movie would get tiresome and boring if it were not for the chill moments in between the action.

        I very much doubt it'll be added in. Unless someone makes a mod for it.

        • The puzzles will always be a fine line.
          Too easy and some people will just blow by them without gaining anything from it.
          Too hard and some people will pull out their hair because they want to get on with the story but can't get the banana to open the door.

          But I still have Sam and Max on my "To Play" list. Is it as good as "Sam and Max Hit the Road"? =)
          • It's only a problem if the puzzles rely on the logic of a man high on LSD. Like you need a candle, a wax statue, a horseshoe and a light in order to make a handle and open a trap door. When you could just use your hunting knife, crowbar, axe or hammer to somehow open it that way.

            I only played the telltale Sam and Max and they're okay. Not as good as Monkey Island or Grim Fandango, imho, but they're alright.
            • Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your wax + horseshoe example actually word for word a puzzle from Silent Hill 2?

              If so, love the reference. I have to admit I've played so many puzzle centric games at this point that those types of puzzles have become intuitive to me. I'd end up rubbing matchbooks against the door before I thought of using an axe now, I think...
              • Yeah, it's a reference. I'd like to thank Zero Punctuation because I could never play SH2. Don't have a PS2 copy, and the PC controls suck like a 2 dollar hooker.

                It's really screwy. If I ever have any funds, I'll try and make an open-ended puzzle game, where there's more than one way to solve it. Think: point-n-click Deus Ex style.
      • You can turn it off in TWD S2.

        That said, if you're not going to play the games because of that, you're missing out on a lot.
  • Well, THIS is the settings from TWD : Season 1 (Android), THIS is from Season 2 (PC) and THIS is from TWAU (PC). I guess they ditched the idea.

  • Honestly. They are restricted to the top left hand corner of the screen. I think it is pretty easy to just ignore/not read them. That's what I do.

    • I was about to say the same thing. I cant imagine those little notices breaking someone's concentration that much.

      • But you always notice them appearing.
        And that flags the last choice as being important.
        And when you are told which choices are important, you realize most don't really matter and it kind of breaks the illusion of it all a bit.

        They could keep the option in and even have it as a default, just give us the option to turn it off. >.<

  • But we have subtitles!

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