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Battle Royale

So, I am going to try out creating a Battle Royale with you fine ladies and gentlemen of the forums as the main characters. Here's the plot, the main characters will be stuck on an island, a majority of them will be placed there, due to a commercial plane wreck, while others will be sent as search and rescue teams, or they're the hunters, or the people that caused the plane wreck, but they all have one thing in mind when they become trapped on this island; survival. They also soon discover that they're not alone on this island.
All parts are now filled.
I will try to release episodes daily. (Reminder: Your character may not be seen in the first episodes, but just stick with it, eventually they'll show up, also I live in the Pacific so stories may come out at strange times).
Many thanks to @Harpadarpa for getting me to do this.
Good luck.



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