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The REAL Secret of Monkey Island™

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With Ron Gilbert having repeatedly said that the real Secret of Monkey Island™ has yet to be revealed, I decided this would be a nice place to discuss our theories about the real Secret of Monkey Island™. Here are a few rules for this discussion:

[*]Whenever you mention Monkey Island™, Melee Island™, or any of the other islands in the franchise, you must include the ™ (Trademark) character after the word 'Island'. Why? Because it's fun, and they did it all over the place in the first game. While it did sort of break the suspension of disbelief, it did it in a way that made you chuckle and say "ah, that's kinda cute/clever/neat/whatever".
[*]To do the above on a Windows machine, hold down the ALT key and type on the number pad 0153, then release the ALT key. A ™ character will be inserted.
[*]I'm only kidding, you don't need to do that.
[*]No running, pushing or peeing in the pool!
[*]That's all really.

So here are a few possibilities for the Secret of Monkey Island™...
  • It's made from people!
  • It's really a sled!
  • She's her sister AND her daughter!
  • The mastermind is really the dead guy they've been locked in the room with!
Now... discuss!
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