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Future DLC Discussion

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I know it is a little early to be talking about this... but what do you think about DLC for TWAU
I think TellTale should do a separate investigation with Bigby investigating a different scenario.
It would be cool to see Bigby take down a Mundy Drug operation or crack down on unauthorized glamour sales. Also introduce some new fables like Rose Red, Red Riding Hood , the rest of Colin's family, or maybe some of the seven dwarfs. What do you guys think ?

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    WhatTheDuck BANNED

    I thought red was killed or a prostitute one or the other. :P

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Some people said they want a Season 2 where you play as Cinderella. I think a whole Season would be a bit much, but a DLC episode where you play as her would be cool.

    For those who don't know, Cinderella in Fables is a secret agent and sometimes helps Bigby in the comics I think.

  • Personally I would love to see a dlc to take place in Homelands. Plus it might also be easier to add more characters just for fact that they're all in same world and not separated. The farm is also cool dlc location because more nonhuman fables exist there. Not sure about what story could be made from those places but it would be nice to see worlds from the comics brought to life on a computer/system.~

  • Bigby takes down a Meth Dealer who goes by the name "Heisenberg"

  • I'd like to see him stopping a Fable from publishing something that will cause too much attention to the Fable community (Eg: When Briar Rose was in a band with some mundy girls and they never made a hit single because they were crap, but she was playing her instrument like crap on purpose too divert mundy attention. She decided she owed her bad a solid and they made one hit song, and she got in trouble and had to pay fabletown the money they spent using a forget-me spell to wipe everyone's memory of the song. So yeah.)

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