Damnit Nerissa

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I have a very bad feeling that Nerissa might be the next victim do to the fact that she talks to Bigby a lot and helps him. What do you guys think might happen to her.


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    I think Nerissa knows something but can't say it.

    Everytime someone asked her about the murders she seems sad and says these lips are sealed.

  • Have the same feeling too, someone in this forum made me think that Vivian might be working with the killer or that she's the actual killer and if that turns out to be right Nerissa is next on the list.

  • Props for the Rick and Morty, "Adolf Lincoln" pic.

  • Hahaha thanks, i loved Abradolf Lincler since the minute he was introduced.

  • Yeah me too his sacrifice will not go unnoticed...

    R.I.P. Abradolf Lincler 2014 - 2014

  • But think about it... Faith had a ribbon around her neck, Lily most likely had a ribbon, Nerissa and the other girl (short blonde hair - did they ever say her name?) both have ribbons, all these girls who happen to be strippers and prostitutes just get murdered? It's a pattern, sure Nerissa may know something but there's no way she's involved with them.

    Just an idea I just had, correct me if I'm wrong please.

  • I hate the damn ribbons

  • They annoy me just because I know it has something to do with these murders!

  • The blonde girl's name is Vivian BTW.

  • Right, sorry, I am absolutely terrible with names. Thanks.

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    The ribbons are probably linked to their "My lips are sealed" crap.

  • I have a theory that maybe she is the one trying to get Bigby to solve all this.


    If this is true and The Crooked Man found out than yes she most likely will die.

  • I think Nerissa might be next too. I have a theory it might actually be the ribbons that are causing the beheadings; all of the victims were prostitutes, and their neck was cut where the ribbon was supposed to be. Maybe if they do something wrong - like, say, spill information on their clients, or take the ribbon off - then the ribbon/spell takes extreme measures and decapitates them.

    Even if my aforementioned theory isn't true, I can definitely say the ribbons are tied to the "my lips are sealed" phrase. There's even a tiny lip print on the ribbon too.

    Alt text

    Also, Faith asks Bigby rather randomly if he likes her ribbon. I think that was meant to be a code message that the ribbon is keeping her from saying much. Same thing with Nerissa, she knows something, but can't say it due to the ribbon. Vivian is a shifty character; she's the only person besides Bigby who smokes Huff 'n Puff cigarettes, which were found by the crime scene in The Open Arms. She's also quick to try and implicate Crane even though BM states he's no killer. (and he certainly doesn't look like the type) She may just turn out to be a red herring but she's acted very shifty so far for sure.

  • And Vivian doesn't have ribbon...

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    She does, actually.

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