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Lets talk about our Choices

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There probably is a thread like this already, but fuck it!

What can you guys say about the decisions that you made during the first 3 episodes?

I choose to arrest the Woodsman because I loved the character and I got really exited when I recognized the character.

Its really cool that you see other character from fairy tales besides the more popular ones and instead you see characters like Crane, Mr. Toad ( Everyones favorite, right??? ) one of the 3 little pigs, Bloody Mary and so on.

I also didn't kill Tweedle Dum because I just don´t people to see Bigby as a bad guy since you can tell from the beggining that he really wants to be a better person/wolf.

  • I killed him because he was piece of scum who only thinks of himself and not others, I feel like if I was given chance at killing some other ill try to hold back prove to people that I am trying to change but I was so full of rage I couldn't help it.

  • Yeah, i killed Dum too.

    He shot two people for no reason and tried to kill an officer of the law (Or Sheriff whatever.), he had it coming.

  • Beating the crap out of Dee in chapter 3 was soooooo satisfying!!

    Kind of off topic, but remember the fight with Grendel and the whisky and how Bigby threw the glass at the wall just to ask for a ''double''?

    I think that the first time that I saw that scene Holly filled the first glass and then Bigby threw it, but when I replayed the scene while choosing different... choices, Bigby would throw the glass of the table without giving Troll Holly a chance to fill it first.

    So is this game filled with small changes depending on your choice? Because that is really cool if they are improving the choice system, since some of the choices felt kind of pointless in the first Walking Dead game

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