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Egg Hunting with the Fables (Easter Sunday Thread)

posted by DragonButter on - last edited - Viewed by 937 users

First and foremost, Happy Easter everyone! Welcome, to my most recent imaginative discussion once again, where you, (yes, you!) imagine yourself in the world of Fables, your input matters most after all! Let's start, shall we?

It's a nice, breezy day in New York city. The sun is shining, the Mundy birds are chirping, and most surprisingly, the Fabletown government decided to have an official Easter egg hunt that is to take place this afternoon in Central Park. And you are invited, along with many other Fables.

The rules are simple, really. You go there, you pick only 1 or 2 Fables to be on your team (out of 20 teams in total), and you have to collect as much eggs as you can. In which there are 50 eggs hidden throughout the park.

BUT here's the catch, there was never any mention of no cheating in the egg hunt, so you have the option (which is entirely optional) of using a magic item of powerful quality from the Homelands to aid you and your Fable partner(s) to victory. Just remember, if you get caught by the official Fabletown referees watching over the hunt, you'll get disqualified and won't get the ultimate prize.

Oh, non-human Fables are allowed to participate too, just an fyi, since Bluebeard paid the witches to provide a protection spell around Central Park (isn't he nice?), meaning that no Mundies will freak out if they see Bufkin flying around or a talking pig smoking on a bench for example.

So have fun, explain who will be in your team, and how you will go about this Easter egg hunt with the Fables!

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