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How About A Classic Murder Mystery Scene?

posted by HiggsBoson2142 on - Viewed by 341 users

If you don't know (Which you probably don't), I am a large fan of classic movie situations. On of them is the horror/murder mystery. That's right. Everyone is trapped in a room, or some place, and are trying to find a way out. Of course, all the while, one of them is a killer and takes them out one by one (Or they just disappear one by one).

I think this would work well in The Wolf Among Us, mostly for suspense. You as Bigby, could decide whether to use your time finding a way out, or cracking down on everyone trapped with you and try to find the murderer. You could also point fingers, and maybe everyone in the room's fate could be determinant.

Now it's probably unlikely, considering where it looks like the story is headed, but I just love all that cal (Another old reference).

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