season two?

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I know what everybody will probably be saying when they see this "OMG I cant believe this guy is talking about season 2 even thou we're only on episode 3" but I want to see if anyone thinks their will be a season two or will it just stop. Its your own opinions but I for 1 want to see another season like the walking dead. By the way please don't write anything mean in the comments thanks :).


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    Depends on the sales figures, rather than how awesome the game is, sadly.

  • Well, considering that this game is a prequel to the comics, I suppose it depends on the ending of the last episode. If they end it by entering the beginning of the first comic (Which would cause me to fangirl all over the place), then probably not. And I doubt they'd make one that coincides with any of the issues. It's hard for them to do one about the future, since there's still 10 issues to go (And they publish monthly). So if they were to make a sequel, I would imagine it would be a while before they actually do. Of course, they could also divert from the main characters and follow one of the telltale created characters rather than one of the characters canon to the game, but I personally would loose interest, since I'm an avid comic reader and I'd like to see my favorite characters (Bigby, Snow, Beauty, Beast, etc), not new ones that have no real role in the comics. That's just my personal opinion though.

  • I really hope there is a season 2 as I'm really enjoying pretty much everything about the first season so far. My favourite Telltale game for sure. As someone who has never really been into comics this game has really opened my eyes to a whole new universe. I can't wait for the collections I've ordered to show up, although I think it may end up costing me a lot of money!

  • That would be a dream come true for me...

  • I don't think there will be. I can see most Telltale games being a one-and-done, except for Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Those will be their 2 big franchises and the 2 biggest money makers.

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