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Who IS Luke?

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I don't see how anyone could be so attached to Luke, or much of the Cabin group except for Rebecca and Nick. Rebecca and Nick, they held up hate for Clementine, but then opened up.
[Ex. Rebecca told Clem it wasn't his and asked her for advise]
[Ex. 2 Nick told Clem he had to kill his mom and he wished he could be like Luke if you choose anything but "He wasn't going to do anything]

Luke was NICE, but I don't know if he had opened up yet. We don't know much about Luke anyhow... I'm not hating on Luke, but I'm saying I feel like trusting someone so easily is risky.

Carver knows the Cabin Group did something much worse that we don't know of. I'm sure we'll find out in the next episode. He made a comment about Luke, so there might be something specific he did. He's seems like an alright dude so far, but do you think there might be something else to it?

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