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First off. Many thanks to Harpadarpa and Clayton_Boylan for inspiration for this thread. They are amazing writers and definitely deserve some mentioning, and recognition.

I will make a thread similar to Harpa's. The characters will be the forum users of the Walking Dead, in a zombie apocalypse. Note that this is only a preparation thread not the actual one. It will basically set up the basis, and foundation of characters, and the story.

Here is the story thread

We have a lot of people, so new joiners will have to come later. However go ahead and make a character, you will probably come soon. Also. If your character has died, you can make a new one, but they won't come in a long time, because you have already been in it.

I will post the subjects below. To enter please reply to the comment.



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    (This will be updated)

    First Off Characters

    What is your character name? (You can use username if you like.)

    What is your characters personality like?

    Does your character have a backstory? (Family, job, life, etc. This information is not required.)

    Setting (Not required if you don't want to.)

    The most selected places will be the starting points.

    Where would you like to begin your story? (Places like an airport, business office, farm, school, or home are examples)

    Would you rather be with a small group, or a big group, or alone?

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    Doug like personality, neutral, nerdy, defend those who are loyal, soft, forgive easily, kind.

    backstory: lost all of my family and still searching for my m.i.a. girlfriend, old game designer
    Setting: looking in the woods for her

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    Name: AWESOMEO.

    Personality: Warm hearted, loyal to true friends, and willing to sacrifice everything for what he believes in. Easy tempered, and will achieve anything he wants due to strong will power. He's a realist, reacts first in any situation due to strong instincts, and knows how to free-run quite well.

    Backstory: A post military pilot who moved to America in order to Learn computers in college and write on the side. His family stayed in his homeland.

    I'll be in the big group I guess.

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    Awesome, Raging_Blades!

    Name: LeeTheProfessional or just Pro

    Personality: For this story I'll put calm, cool, collective. A born leader but usually the Lone Wolf, doesn't mind working with a team that can communicate and have each others backs though. Sarcastic and witty, likes to make people laugh, will be friends with just about anybody, doesn't judge anyone and respects those who give respect back. Willing to help those in need, Fearless and tough, if he has to fight or get somewhere/something he will usually do it in a sneaky manner and avoid making a big mess, by the time they realize something is up I'll be long gone.

    Backstory: Ex Hitman. I had a contract to kill a man, they offered me more money than usual, which was weird, but I didn't question it. On my mission, I uncovered the truth about my agency, which was basically an inside terrorist organization, not only that but as soon as I completed my mission, the pilot was to terminate me and it was basically a suicide mission. My target informed me about it and he had all the evidence to prove it. I went rogue and helped him escape. I went back and got revenge on my former boss by putting a bullet in between his eyes. I exposed the agency and they were shut down. A few weeks later the ZA starts.

    Setting: Hmm, I'll start off camping outside near a farm. I'll be alone at first but would like to later be apart of a group.

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  • Thanks! I like your character :).

  • Not a problem and I added the setting for you, thanks for this can't wait to see what you come up with!

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    Name: Raging_Blades

    Personality: Loyal to friends. Usually calm, but can get angry at times. Brave, kind, forgiving, and sometimes awkward. Is usually quiet but speaks up when he needs to. Likes to be around people, and hates being alone.

    Setting: Big group. Maybe in a mall.

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    Name - Tyranitar

    Personality - Very useful and will listen to orders. He is a lone wolf and is very hard to read. He can see through all lies.

    Backstory - He is a senior in high school. He once broke a mans arm protecting his sister before the apocalypse...

    Setting - With his Mom, sister, and a stranger they picked up in the early days of the outbreak. They are in Tyranitar's house

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    Name: John Kozlov

    Personality: Mostly tries to keep his cool and be compassionate and sympathetic but when others threaten him or others he is not afraid to throw somebody against a wall to get his point across that he is not to be ****ed with. Can take care of himself well. Moderate Russian accent but others can understand him.

    Backstory: He had a variety of jobs before the apocalypse including being Ex-Military, A cop, and Trained Assassin and Office Worker. He has some survival experience, enough to stay alive. He tends to keep the rest of his backstory to himself. (I will reveal more backstory in the form of him warming up to the other group members.)

    I want him with a small group in a police station.

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    Name: Zyphon Hartwell

    Personality: A generally nice, smart guy with a pretty overactive imagination. Doesn't talk too much. Likes to think of ways to solve a problem, and generally doesn't like to go in "guns blazing".

    Backstory: A writer who was just getting started with his first real story, "What Comes After". He doesn't have many friends or family, but isn't exactly lonely.

    Setting: New York, starts in an apartment building with a fairly small group.

  • Name: Rafael

    Personality : Peaceful, joker and agile. Helpful, vengeful and a cold killer.

    Backstory: I used to work as a teacher, but my wife was killed and left me with my son. I was enraged so I searched for some information about the people who killed my wife and put an end in their lives.

    Setting: At home with my son preparing to hide from the police.

  • Name- Eli Conner
    Personality- Can be depended on in any situation. Did 4 Tours in Afghanistan/Iraq. Can be sarcastic and funny. 28 years old. Shotgun Specialist. Quotes verses from the Bible from time to time. Boxed while in the military. Own a automatic shotgun with different types of shells ( electricity and explosive along with regular.) Owns heavy duty brass knuckles that have spikes coming off each knuckle.
    Backstory- Just made it back from tour and walked into a world of shit.
    Setting- Driving down the road in a humvee with enough food, ammo, blankets and water for several people.
    Start off alone first then can be put into any type off groups.

  • Cool. Sounds tough and helpful!

  • Haha little bit OP but every zombie story needs a couple Daryl's.

  • What Comes After. XD Love it!

  • Sounds good. Guess I'll be searching up some bible verses soon.

  • Name: Greg Harper

    Personality: Jackass to strangers but loyal to his friends, Greg is sarcastic as all hell and an expert deadpan snarker. Paranoid around police officers or members of the military due to his past.

    Backstory: Four Days In Greg, like many others, took to the streets to begin looting. After seven years of dead end jobs and the disapproving looks of his parents he decided that he'd use the chaos of the end of the world to take what he deserved. Greg broke into a gas station, his first stop, with an old pistol, but shot and killed the clerk by accident. Merely the latest and greatest of a line of minor transgressions stretching across his teenage years to the present, the 27 year old fled the city in a stolen car. His escape was clean, for the most part, with the police dealing with the outbreak, but he knows that eventually his past will catch up with him.

    Everything else is up to you, Blades.

  • Okay we have a good amount of people now. I will start the story on a new thread. (The link will be posted above.)

    I apologize if I am not as good a writer, especially against the genius minds of Harpa, and Clayton, but I hope I don't disappoint, and that you guys are satisfied :). I am still accepting characters, but for now the people who have entered so far will be the starting people (sorry if your not in the first post.)

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    Name: Glinda

    Personality: An absolute nervous wreck and a cynic. She always sees the worst in people and believes that it's an important trait to have in the apocalypse. She can be a bit of a pain but her heart is in the right place. She is also 2 Months pregnant but was separated from her husband when the outbreak hit.

    Backstory: She lived a pretty normal upbringing with her parents and two brothers. She was orginally from England but moved to (wherever it is set) with her husband to raise the baby.

    Setting: She is with some sort of group at the beginning.

    Soz forgot to reply to comment

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    Its not too late is it?

    Character Name: Xavier King

    Description: Caucasian, wears a trench coat and a gas mask he took from an abandoned warehouse.

    Personality: Cold and calculating, a bit of an asshole, but a nice guy if you get on his good side(AKA your not a bad person), and is very distrusting of people he does not know. Loves tacos and is a major badass when it comes to killing. Does not speak much, and when he does, it usually is the funniest/most badass/most helpful/scariest thing you will ever hear, until he speaks again. Is numb to most forms of violence,( aka: if he sees a person get their guts ripped out, he wont really vomit all over the ground or anything :P). Is very resilient to pain, and will kindly inflict it on those dumb enough to hurt his friends.

    Before the ZA : Grew up in the Bronx,New York City before moving to(Location of authors choice). Lost his family(Daughter,Wife,Brother) at the beginning of the apocalypse to bandits. Hunted down the bandits and killed them all brutally killed them, and has wandered alone since.

    Weapons: Two meat hooks,and uses them to traverse the environment, crowbar, Compound Bow,( finds it when ever Blades wants him too)Prefers to take out enemies in silence with his meat hooks. Is very skilled at hand to hand combat.

    Current location:walking down a road in(Location of Blades choice.)

  • Name:Mr.Cuddlesworth Personality:He keeps calm through most situations so he's a nice guy but he's a grade A fighter from being in boxing matches at the YMCA all his life Backstory:Grew up in a small town in North Carolina where everybody knows each other and was born getting straight A's.On one night his older brother randomly ran away and hasen't been seen since. Setting:With a small group.

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    Name: Gengar

    Personality (Pretty much the same as posted in the TWD Creepypasta)

    • Introvert and a bit quiet. Tends to be alone at most times.
    • Generally a nice guy.
    • Emotionally fragile. Takes most jokes against him as insults/personal attacks
    • Likes to pull pranks and jokes at times.
    • Likes social companionship when given the opportunity.
    • Short-tempered
    • Tends to be lazy when in a group (especially a larger one) and lets them do the hard work.

    Setting: Currently alone, at the airport.

    Backstory: Originally from Australia (although he's not an Aussie), he is running away from a secret organization that is hunting him down for a reason. Once he made sure his family was safe, he makes a run for it and leaves them behind.

  • Name–Eleanor Rickett(Ellie)
    Personality-Has Borderline Personality Disorder, but unless angered, is usually too nice for her own good. Is incredibly intelligent, and is a big movie/book nerd. Has a soft spot for mothers who are protective of their children, and a vendetta against anyone involved in drugs. Does not reveal backstory until comfortable with group.
    Backstory-Was taken by the state at 9, due to the fact that her mother killed her father in a drug induced rage. When finally adopted at 12, she was sexually abused by her new father. That motivated her to study, and graduate at 15. After graduating, she moved to a small town and became a waitress. Is currently 17 during outbreak.

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    Name: Lenny

    Personality: A likable, but nevertheless flawed man, Lenny acts as the de-facto leader of the group he's currently in and is a sharp, hard-working person who likes to take action and make things happen.

    Backstory: Before the outbreak started, Lenny was a commercial hunter from Nevada. While hunting, he commercially shot deer and wild boars. He met his wife, Katharina, after shoting a sick deer and needed it to be patched up, taking it to her veterinarian office. She and their son, Lenny Jr. aka " Luck ", are his main priorities. He originally had a pet cat, but had to "put her down". He and his family were returning from Memphis, Tennessee after visiting Katharina's brother when the outbreak started.

    Setting's: After losing his beloved family (And fighting pain and sorrow for quite some time), Lenny becomes the de-facto leader of a small group of survivors.

  • WTF?! Your description is sooo much like Kenny XD

  • Loving all these fan-fics!

    Name: Deceptio

    Personality: Nice, caring, comforting, tough, stealthy, rarely gets angry, will fight back if purposely hit.

    Backstory: I was at my friends house for the weekend, and it was raining the entire weekend, so we had to stay in the house. When my friend's mom drove me home, there were walkers all around in my neighborhood. My friend's mom for eaten, and I rushed home and my family were dead. Distraught and filled with anger and sadness, I grabbed as much food/water as possible and a french knife along with me to search for other survivors. (I'm still new to the whole scenario, so I don't know that people come back no matter what unless brain is destroyed, or that you must inflict damage on a walker's head to kill them, etc.)

    Setting: Medium sized neighborhood, very woody and is literally pitch black at night. Lots and lots of trees, not really bright and "open" as other neighborhoods.

    I would like my story to begin at my house, then leaving and exploring my neighborhood, and then the towny area.

    Group Size: I would prefer a medium sized group. (5-10 people)

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    Name: Puncake personality: Helpful, funny and cool Backstory: a fucking badass cop.

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    Now that you mention it, it suddenly occurred to me, that there are a few commonalities between this two characters.

    In all seriousness though, that definitely wasn't my intention!

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    Alt text

    Damn missed the chance if need anymore characters ask me but reading this comment Blades I've read stories from all users mentioned yes all quality but your definitely on the same level one of the best writers here. I'm sure you won't just meet expectations but exceed them

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