Forum Users Among The Walking Dead

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Welcome. This is a fan fiction about forum users in a zombie apocalypse. I hope your not disappointed! Here is the link to make your character

Summaries are on every 5 pages. EX: Page 5, 10, 15. So if you need to catch up then check out the summaries, and read from there.

Now accepting characters!

Hope you join and enjoy! Don't forget to vote for choices!

Thanks to Harpadarpa and Clayton_Boylan for inspiration. Also check out the new thread by LeeTheProfessional!



  • Is there a list of who's in it?

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    I'll make it after I'm done.

    (You can still join)

  • Hey man, we were doing a fanfic together for quite a long time, i am sure you remember! :D

    I would really like to join your Fanfic and write with you again, the story must go on! (The awesome adventures of Papa Nate and his boy Russel, all i'm saying!)

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    It is not too late is it? i just found out and posted my Character description on your other thread.

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    Chapter 1: End's Beginning


    He had been searching the woods for a while. It was dark and he could barely see anything. He decided to take a rest as he sat down his back against a hard oak tree. He recalled past events. It was almost evening. Him and his girlfriend were going to a party. They were almost there until a man stumbled out of an alley and started walking toward them, making weird sounds. "Hey what's your problem?" Cody said. The guy continued to stumble down the street toward them. "Stay back!" Cody said. The man didn't listen. Soon he was so close, his arms were reaching to grab Cody's girlfriend. Cody punched his face and he fell down. The man squirmed and began crawling toward him. "Whatever dude" Cody said as he walked away. When he turned he saw his girlfriend running away into the forest. And now here he was looking for her... He got back up and went down a path he swore he had seen before, calling his girlfriends name.

    (Any ladies want to be Cody's girlfriend? :D)


    It was the first day of the outbreak. News, radio, everything said to stay inside, and away from infected. So far that had kept them safe. Tyranitar, his mother Monica, sister Julia, and a friendly stranger who had joined them named AWESOMEO. Tyranitar could tell he was a good guy, his gut feeling was always right. For now they had barricaded the windows and doors and waited. Waited until it seemed safe. One time Tyranitar looked out the window and saw people, with guts sticking out, and dismembered limbs. He wasn't scared though, nothing scared him, and he would protect his family no matter what.

    They tried to ration food carefully. But one day they had finished almost 3/4 of the food. Tyranitar immediately decided AWESOMEO should go. "I need to watch over my family. Prove that you can stay with us." AWESOMEO did not like the idea but he decided it would be a good way to prove his worth. "Okay I'll do it." He said. Tyranitar gave him a backpack, keys, and a hunting knife. Julia came to give AWESOMEO a hug and he accepted. He felt happy and went out the door.

    The minivan that the family owned was in the drive way. The streets however were filled with the walkers. AWESOMEO was unsure about his next move but he decided that:

    I'll take the van, its faster and the corpses can't get in.

    Better safe then sorry. I better be stealthy and get there by foot.

  • My character description is ready now, i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

  • Sorry I'll get more people later. Got to eat! Please vote BTW!

  • AWESOMEO: I'll take the van, its faster and the corpses can't get in.

    Nice start, man. Liking it so far! B]

  • Freaking amazing job man, cant wait to see who else is in it!

  • Count me In

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    Want me to make a straw poll?

  • Better safe then sorry. I better be stealthy and get there by foot. Nice writing.

  • Pretty good XD. AWESOMEO:I'll take the van,it's faster and the corpses can't get in.

  • Thanks !

    LOL this is so much work. I have to make like 30 separate stories but I'm trying to link them up.

  • Damn, i see a lot of story arcs in your future man, whos the main enemy gonna be?

  • I'll take the van, its faster and the corpses can't get in.

    Great so far. Thanks for including me in the story!

  • Ah, a little Pulp Fiction/400 Days writing, awesome!

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    Pro had been camping outside by a farm. It was night time and he sat by the warm crackling fire. He actually quite enjoyed camping, sleeping outside, and living in the wilderness. Right now he was roasting a hot dog on a stick over the fire. He twirled it around with care and watched as the flame flickered on. He was camping by this farm. The people living there had allowed him to sleep outside. After the dog was done roasting he began eating it. It tasted delicious. He was interrupted as a loud pitched sound was heard from the woods. Pro thought it was a scream...

    What is that? I better go investigate.

    Its probably just my mind playing tricks on me. I'll stay here.

    >>John Kozlov<<

    They were at the police station and were waiting for further orders. Apparently there was some infection, or outbreak going on. Most of the cops were gone. John was holding the fort with Gary, and Nector. Waiting for whatever was going on. Puncake had just left to find some guy named Rafael who murdered some people. "Why does Puncake get all the fun..." John said as he played around with his gun. "Maybe because your too violent?" Gary said. John pushed Gary against a wall. "Oh yeah? Well you better watch your mouth, because I am the boss around here." John said angrily as he let Gary drop to the ground. "Sorry..." Gary said hurt. "Yeah you better be." John said walking away.

  • Sooooo good! Your writing is awesome and you are awesome for doing this period! You are awesome!

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    Pro: What is that? I better go investigate.

    Not just gonna ignore something that could possibly be a danger to me later on or the family in the house, better be careful though.

  • OMG. Thank you. I feel so good with all these compliments! :D

  • What is story arc? (Hope this doesn't make me sound dumb)

    So far I guess Markd's character Spark since hes a bad guy

  • Another great read... Pro-What is that?I better go investigate.

  • Of course I remember you. I will never forget you. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't remember you now?

  • I'll join! :D

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    Okay, here's a few things you need to know. You need to follow the rules of the English language, for one. For instance, whenever a different character is speaking, than the last spoken word, you need a new line. Also, if you put a line with a shit load of underscores, then it puts a dividing line between everything before and everything after the underscores.If you don't do this, then it'll be way too hard to read. For me, anyways.

  • I will give some examples, since i suck nuts at explaining things
    Story arc examples:.All Out War(comics) The Governer, The Hunters

  • I'll take the van, its faster and the corpses can't get in.

    Great start love this

  • What is that? I better go investigate.

    Quality if they hear a scream it could be a little child in trouble so think they should investigate

  • Oh sorry. The line between talking I don't think is a rule of the language. I'm pretty sure you can keep it on the same line. But yeah the dividing line and the line between talking helps to read easier. Though it takes up a lot of space so I don't do it.

  • No. You have to put the extra line there, if it is prose, which your writing most certainly is.

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    >>Zyphon Hartwell<<

    The news spread fast. Some outbreak of people going crazy and eating people. It was crazy! Right now Zyphon and people on his apartment floor were gathered in a room together. A radio was on giving everyone news. The only people with him was WeMissYouCarley and David. WeMissYouCarley was sitting beside Zyphon carefully listening to every detail of the news. David isolated himself in the corner like he didn't want to be there. "We better get out of the city Zyphon. Before the infected get onto the streets." WeMissYouCarley said.

    Zyphon hadn't said much to the guy but he agreed. He began thinking about ways out. He knew the front door was not a good idea. He started thinking about the building. There was actually a platform on the 12th floor that he saw yesterday. They could take that down and then make a run to his car in the parking lot. "I have an idea. Follow me." He said. They all grabbed a knife and walked down the hallway. The elevator seemed to still be operational. The stairs were two doors back. Right now they were on the 21st floor. David saw Zyphon looking at the stairs and the elevator. He finally spoke up "What's your call boss?"

    Take the elevator. Its faster, and we'll be less exhausted when we reach the lift.

    Better safe then sorry. Lets take the stairs.

  • Really? Its not like that in books.

  • Better safe then sorry. Lets take the stairs

    Always feel in elevator stand no chance to escape if zombie horde are waiting for you just take the stairs safety first

  • Just keeps getting better and better man Zyphon-Better safe then sorry.Lets take the stairs.

  • Zyphon: Better safe then sorry. Lets take the stairs.

    Elevator is faster but they could get trapped.

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