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Emotions for S1 and 2?

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I had to ask this to see if it was just me.

When I played season 1 I was very emotionally attached to the game and its characters and the situations they were in. Season 2, I don't quite feel the same. Is it because we haven't had a chance yet? Also, I feel like my feelings became numb to the game once I saw that anything is possible after the demise of Lee. I think I disconnected myself from the game (and TWD franchise) bc I have learned not too care too much because anything can happen. Where do you stand? Thoughts?

  • I do think this season lacks in emotion compared to Season 1.

  • I feel the same way, but we're only 2 episodes into the season. I haven't really had a chance to 'bond' with the characters yet, (though there are some I'm taking a liking to) but I can imagine by the time EP3 is released and I get to play it, I'll feel more emotionally connected with them. And same here, we've seen so many dark situations that only the most shocking events are really all that shocking anymore. It's called "darkness-induced audience apathy"

    EP1 could've been better, compared to EP1 of season 1. (which absolutely blew me away and was a great foundation for the rest of the episodes) EP2 was much better, especially during the hostage scene, but it lacked in certain areas, and had some irritating plotholes that can be accounted to bad writing. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy as the next person to have Kenny back, but his explanation for how he survived was bullshit. I know something is visibly amiss with Kenny and the writers did a good job portraying it, but I was expecting a lot better than that. He didn't have to explain it in full detail, but "I got lucky" is just cheap.

  • The season's not done yet but it hit me hard when Omid, Peter, Walter died and when Kenny came back ;_;

  • I dunno, the scene with Pete if you went with him in episode 1 got to me - and Sam really upset me, though I'm touchy when it comes to dogs. Fucking Where the Red Fern Grows....

    And all the group tensions in A House Divided like who to sit with, whether or not I really want to tell Kenny I'm staying for good etc, have given me some strange emotions tbh

  • Now that AHD is out, I think that Season 2 is great... but not as good as Season 1 was at this point. In Season 1, by the end of Starved for Help I felt that I had made a connection with everyone in the group (excluding Ben for being a new arrival with hardly any screentime), even Lilly who hated me for helping Kenny in the meat locker. I can't say the same for the Season 2 group. There haven't been enough areas (hubs) where we could get to know everyone better, so I'm not as attached to Season 2 characters as I was with Season 1 characters by this point. The only ones I can say I'm a fan of are Pete, Luke, and Nick. Of course, Pete's dead now ( :'( ). Carlos is alright now. Rebecca and Alvin I really couldn't care less for. The only reason I give a damn about Rebecca at all is because of her baby.

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