My dream about Episode 4

I had this dream today, where I was playing Episode 4. I saw Bigby chasing Lawrence because he freaked out when he received Faith's letter. During the chase, it was a first-person perspective and in order to follow Lawrence, you have to click the route you think he ran to. When I finally catch up to Lawrence, Bluebeard appears with Crane and revealed some kind of big conspiracy. Then the dream ends.

Strange dream, right? Have you guys ever have a dream about Episode 4?


  • I just did the other night. Mine for some reason had a lot to do with that white deer/stag on the glamours made by Auntie Greenleaf for some reason. Not sure if there's much significance there though. And, I kept replaying this "Episode" in my dream and it ended in Snow either living or dying somehow (although that's doubtful.)

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