• Didn't he say "Where's the rest of her?", in the episode 2 preview?

  • Yeah, it was good to see Prince Lawrence again. I hope he'll appear again later and Bigby will help him in finding Faith's body.

  • Anybody else notice that Prince Lawrence's character model looked odd? Like the lighting effect on him was a bit too much or something. When he is standing around the other characters before and after the big shoot-out he looks as though his character model is not supposed to be there. Perhaps he was a last minute add in or something.

    • Yeah, he felt out of place and just slapped in without much care. Also, I was expecting we could question him further... specially after we can point him out as an suspect. I mean, something clearly happened to him... much was left unanswered after out visit to his apartment.

    • I won't lie, him being there was a little awkward and how nobody but Bigby acknowledges his presence. The lighting effect though, may come from the fact that he had to be a brighter model than the time he was attempting suicide, his model was very gray back then.

      • Not just nobody seemed to have acknowledged Lawrence's presence, if you talk to him before inspecting the table, by the time you are done talking to him, Snow is also done with her speech, and you can' check the table for the cards, etc.

        This forced me to reload the scene. This time starting by inspecting everything in the table, then starting the dialogue with Lawrence. And it felt even worse. A few seconds into the dialogue, Snow finished her speech and it felt like everybody was waiting in complete silence for a long ass time. When I was done talking to Lawrence, it triggered Snow to call me like she had just finished her speech, and Holly finally turned around surprised to see me there... come on, it completely broke the game's immersion.

        It felt like Lawrence was meant to have died and it was just and easter egg, with no real gain to the investigation and was even a downer to the experience.

        • That was the 5 minutes of silence. You probably missed her saying it.

          • There sure wasn't any five minutes of waiting if Lawrence was ignored or wasn't there in the first place, and even the chat with him doesn't take that long. Just admit Snow's triggered to talk to you the moment she's finished but being engaged in dialog prevents that. Telltale isn't perfect, the episodic gaming works miracle (it's much more intriguing than playing a full 8 hours or so story from beginning to end), they give it a great pacing, leave a lot of time for speculation, stimulates replayability, but they can't delay releases much, it's understandable that they rush and a few things don't get proper polishment.

            To me even if Snow interrupted my chat with Lawrence it would have felt better, as immersion would've been preserved, and it has been done amazingly through most parts of all 3 episode. For instance, on my first play through episode 3, I went to Crane's ap. then to the bar, missing the office and so Flycatcher. It felt for me that I got to the witch as fast as Bigby possibly could. It was a big let down for me to know that I could have gone to the office, learned a bit more about Bluebeard's methods and real interest in the case, offered Flycatcher a job or not, etc. and still get to the witch 14 minutes or something late. That was a big let down, but as for my first experience it felt very genuine and rewarding and that counts a ton! A signal of great storytelling and involvement of the player. Gosh, I effing loving this game. :)

    • I think that his healthy look contrasts with his near death look causing this uncanny valley impression of his.

    • I figured because he was healthy again, he got his color back. Thats all I noticed, he wasnt as pale.

  • Lawrence's appearance in the game was awkward and out if place. It felt like he was just pasted in there with no regard to the story. I almost missed him completely. It's obvious telltale wrote Lawrence out of the story, but that segment with him was pointless and lazy. But telltale needed to get him in someplace and I guess that's where they choose to do it. I doubt we see him again.

    • Their handling of the now superfluous characters and plot lines has been rather graceless so far. I hope they have more artful resolutions in store for use in the last two episodes, but to be honest I don't expect Lawrence (or Faith and Brannigan) be relevant again either.

      • I agree completely. Its been a real hack job. Not every game can be gold, so im willing to except TWAU as just one of those ok games. My gut feeling is that they just want to dump this IP so they can focus more on some of their upcoming projects.

        • Did you say that before?

  • No, darn it. I messed up somehow. All four saves and I never saw him eventhough I know I saved him at least once.

  • I know it wasnt perfect but it was better than him just vanishing or just dying anyway. Knowing I saved someone means a lot.

  • Wait?? Lawrence is in episode 3?? When?? Where??

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