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Episode 4 Theory: In Sheep's Clothing

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So episode 4 of TWAU is called In Sheep's Clothing. A wolf (Bigby) in sheep's clothing means that he is disguised and undercover. Maybe he uses a Glamour to look like someone else to get inside info on the Crooked Man. That would make him a Wolf In Sheep's Clothing.

  • The phrase "a wolf in sheep's clothing" is used to refer to a dangerous person who pretends to be harmless or benign. So the title of the episode would suggest that someone whom we thought we could trust or whom we never suspected of any wrong-doing will turn out to be bad. Your interpretation is also possible, of course. And I would like to see a return of Auntie Greenleaf so having her glamour Bigby up to go undercover would be neat.

    • We'll differently be seeing Aunty greenleaf again because Snow isn't done with her yet :). She's the main suspect in the case because she was selling illegal glamours with black magic.

    • a wolf in sheep's clothing means pretending to be someone your not EDIT: After further research, I found many different meanings

  • Near the end of the trailer they showed shots of Toad, Bufkin and Colin.

    So maybe one of them is going to die or has some sort of secret agenda going on.

    My money is on Bufkin!

    • All 3 of them are in the comics so they don't die. Unless they get revived or something

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