• Never followed the comics, Heard about the ending and that to me kind of sounds like a dull send off for Ricks group.. Maybe the TV show can do something better for the ending.

    Maybe we expected an ending like the game... We knew these characters for around 10 hours through 5 episodes and most of us cried at the ending... It looks like No one even cared for Ricks sendoff.

  • It felt like a really weak full-circle to remind you that he was/is still a cop.

  • This issue was absolutely atrocious. They spent about 4 volumes building up to Negan and the war with the saviors. And to have it end like this. It was ridiculous. Revenge for Glenn's death is this. That was absolutely infuriating. Glenn was one of the best characters of the comic series and he had a brutal, shocking death and we spent the next 25 issues building the goddamn war that ended up ridiculously atrocious. I've never been this angry for a comic book series before, and every single issue before this one has been fine to me, but this one was fucking horrible. Not a good move, Kirkman. The comic book series has lost its taste, and It's been running dry for the past 5 or 6 volumes, but I continue to read them, but issue 126 makes me want to rip up my books and feed them to my dogs.

    So to finish your thread title.

    [TWD Issue 126....] sucked severely.

    I ask this to Robert Kirkman: What in the frick frack diddly dack patty wack snick snack crack pack slack mack quarterback crackerjack biofeedback backtrack thumbtack sidetrack tic-tac were you thinking!?!

    • or you could just ask him if he was smoking weed while making this issue :3

    • Really? Glenn's legacy should have been for rick to brutally kill Negan? Glenn was a guy who always, always held on to his humanity. Maggie even says in the issue, not killing Negan is what Glenn would have wanted. Leaving it behind them and moving on to make the world a better place, you can't tell me that that's not a better legacy for Glenn.

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      As the biggest Glenn fanboy here I tell you you're horribly wrong. There's a way deeper message in this issue rather then to get the Negan fans go "OH NO HE DIDN'T GET BRUTALLY MURDERED HERP DERP!", it's about the survivors discovering that they can still have redemption in this new world and return to their old ways... humanity.

      Please read it again and find the bigger picture.

  • I actually liked this issue with the way it came full circle with Rick's story arc. It's nice to see that once in awhile. (There could have been a bit more excitement but it is what it is.) I'm kind of glad that it ended somewhat somberly. So many times do we see and read media that ends with too much action and not enough story full of emotion and proper closure. It will be unfortunate to know that Rick and his group are done but there is always a maybe that they reference them in the future or just go back to them.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6WHBO_Qc-Q

    Robert Kirkman TWD comic 126 ^

    I don't read the comics but going to jail in zombie apocalypse must be a troll seriously wtf seriously did that happen that's not lazy writing just plain stupid he went full

  • Not what I was expecting. We'll see.

  • The issue was good. A lot of people wanted bloodshed. This is not how the world should work. The world needs proper rules and Negan rotting in Jail is fucking awesome. Killing him would acutally release him from Rick's Prison. Now he will get old and die normally.

    Now people ask yourself what is better:

    a) letting your enemy die a nearly painless death from bloodloss


    b) letting him rot slowly in hell (prison) without freedom

  • I completely disagree, that was an amazing issue, and an amazing ending to both the All Out War arc and Rick's Story as a whole. Here's my reasoning:

    First off, about Negan's end. I actually really liked it. Rick wanted to keep him alive, even at the cost of his own mobility because he wanted to send a message that they no longer have to be monsters. He didn't want him killed later, and stopped Carl from killing him because keeping Negan, a true monster, alive shows just how far they've come. Rick has done the least monster like thing possible, and now they can start to rebuild civilization.

    In short, they're on the road to building a better world, that old world, where they had to kill to survive, that's done. The world where they were truly the walking dead. Now they can stop being the walking dead, stop being monsters in order to rebuild what they once thought was lost forever: Humanity.

    Let's move on to Negan and the war as a whole, and why it made perfect sense for it to be the last challenge Rick faced. Many thought that Negan was a re-hash of The Governor, but they were incredibly off the mark. Brian Blake was a broken man, and he wanted to see the world burn, to hurt and kill people. He was a monster that showed Rick how weak he really was. After that, Rick became more vicious. The hunters were monsters that Rick realized he could kill by being a bigger monster. Negan was not a monster, he was a survivor who thought that now, the world was ruined, and the remains were all his for the taking. He wanted everything, and humanity be damned, he'd have it. Rick wanted to rebuild civilization, and Negan was in the way. Killing Negan needed to be done, but for the first time, it wasn't for survival. They could have lived with Negan really... in fact, starting the war probably got a lot of people killed... The reason for starting the war was because Negan was in the way of something.

    Civilization. Rick got all those people to fight against Negan because he was in the way of them rebuilding the old world, and that's why Negan had to go. Not die, but to be removed from the picture.

    Dwight taking over the Sanctuary and being the leader of the saviors also means that now these communities can act as one, and D.C will be the new cradle of civilization, with Rick Grimes leading the way.

    In my mind, that was the perfect end to Rick's story... for now.

    I also think it's leads into the next arc pretty good, if the next arc is what I think it's going to be. I think it's going to be a group of people living how Rick and the rest did near the beginning, fighting walkers, dealing with bandits, finding food, etc. They'll probably eventually here about a safe-haven in D.C after dealing with their own stories for a while, and then we go to D.C to see what Rick has built... and who knows? Maybe he's become a dictator worse than Negan, or maybe he failed. We really don't know what's coming next, but for right now, I much prefer this ending to Rick's story than him killing Negan in vengeance or something and continuing that circle of violence. Maybe if it's story were to continue a little longer, but I think this story was always going to end this way, with Rick having gone to rock bottom, becoming a true monster, and then finally returning to humanity, and setting the way for a new civilization to rise, for the old world to be rebuilt.

    • Oh, and a quick note about Glenn. Many people wanted Negan to die horribly as vengeance for Glenn, but Maggie even says in this issue that that's not what Glenn would have wanted. Leaving it behind them, letting their enemy live, to go and try and rebuild humanity and civilization... That's the perfect legacy to leave Glenn.

    • ...Anyone got anything to say to this? you're all going on about how awful it is, so some arguments to counter this if you thought it was awful?

    • So, basically, the only things that have meaning are the designated hero and villain of this story, but all of the OTHER gigantic piles of corpses left behind don't really mean a whole lot, and it's perfectly okay to brush aside questions of "Would they seriously do that" realism because it supports the storyline.

      This is what those in the know call "shitty writing".

      • Well, actually, the leaders of the groups do mean a lot, they're who everyone looks up to and have built up in their minds as basically gods. When Negan said that they must worship Rick in "Something to Fear", he wasn't too far off the mark. Jesus telling Rick that he's the one man who can rebuild civilization... Yeah, that's close to worship I'd say. So Rick and Negan do mean a lot to the respective groups.

        As for all the saviors and people they killed, you can't blame Rick for that. It's not like he was bloodthirsty and suddenly wanted to turn things around, he even started the war giving Negan a chance to surrender, and then another chance. He was constantly looking for ways to stop all the violence because his only goal was to remove Negan from a position of power.

        Killing all the saviors and not killing Negan... Killing the saviors was during the war, it was necessarily. Rick wanted Negan alive because he knew how he could use Negan alive to drive forward his efforts to rebuild not only civilization, but their humanity.

    • You got a point, mate. I think people has gotten so used to people being killed that they forget that you can spare people too.

      • Ha, it kind of says something about how after reading so much of TWD, most people can't accept the characters becoming more human, and instead call out for blood. It's actually fascinating that the fans are now all saying, "They should have killed him!" Shows how much this comic can actually change people...


      You made me realized how important this issue was! I wanted Negan's face to be ripped off! But you gave me a reason not to. This was for Glenn after all. There's no way to argue against this! HIGH FIVE BRO!


  • What if this jinxes the TWDG ending.. The comic ends on a regularly good note and many people are complaining... so they end the game in the most saddest and shitty way possible.

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