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Disappointed with packaging

posted by reneshenp on - last edited - Viewed by 183 users
My Season 1 and 2 discs arrived today. The discs themselves were fine, but the DVD case for S1 was cracked and the cover torn. This could have been avoided if they were just wrapped in some bubblewrap.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Ouch! Write in to [email][/email] and we can help you out.
  • Its not bad enough to need a replacement, but it would be nice if it was looked into for future shipments.
  • Would it be possible to take a picture of the packaging for us?

    Our new warehouse does usually use bubble wrap, so it would help to see how this was packaged so we could make a recommendation to them.

    Also I'd be happy to send you a replacement DVD case, just PM me your address.
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