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Nerissa's new legs are from Faith.

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Nerissa's legs are not glamour. They're real, but expensive. See 14:05-14:16

...and they were sold to her and sewn on to her by Doctor Swineheart. That is why he won't let Snow or Bigby see Faith and lies by saying he has to run tests to keep them away. See 23:25 - 23:35

If you think I am right, or at least this got you thinking (I know it is rude to promote your own links, I apologize), check out my other thread below. I point out how Swineheart has access to everyone and is very well trusted, but should not be. I was wrong about a major prediction, as another user correctly pointed out that Colin is alive because he's in the comics. I do think he will be targeted though.

Here is one example of an obvious lie of Swineheart's that I point out. See 16:07 - 16:16.

This is just my theory. No, I am not certain of course, and I could be totally wrong. My other thread was way too long, so I thought I'd put some supporting evidence here. Thanks for reading, and especially if you look at my other thread!

  • I think she was hooking long before Faith's death and you can see a pic of Faith Lily and Nerissa in ep 3.

    • Hmmm. Yep that is strong evidence for a counterargument haha. My two retorts would be it could be someone glamoured to look like Nerissa. To make sure that they took the picture "right". That could be why Dee or Dum is in the background. It also could have been taken in a pool (less likely). Nerissa seems to be wearing a bikini, and Dum/Dum is far back, as is whoever took the photo. 2:15 - 2:20 is the photo in question.

      Like I said, it is just a theory, and I want people to try and prove it wrong, which you did a pretty good job of here. Using the word "indictment' in my other thread was way too strong language. Swineheart may not be high up on the chain of villains at all, but I will never stop thinking (until the end if it turns out he was totally not involved) that he knows way more than he is letting on. Holly seems to be the only one who doesn't trust him. It's probably why she wouldn't let him see where she lived (see the last link in the original comment from 16:07 - 16:16).

      • Also, she could have been using a glamour to get legs before she got the real ones. Doesn't seem in Nerissas nature to want a dead persons legs though.

        • Agreed, but somewhere (I don't have a link for it right now), Snow says the Pudding and Pie is an operation meant to keep young-looking fables in order to make them pay off that debt by committing crimes or by being exploited in some way (look at Beauty).

          Also, we know it is not a glamour; in her original story, she gets her legs by buying a magical item from a sea witch, but that seems way too close to the concept of a glamour to me. And I totally agree that it is below Nerissa to take the limbs off a dead woman. But what would be the alternative then? To take the legs off a living woman? That seems even less likely for a character like Nerissa. I am thinking she did what she had to do to get by in Fabletown, just like so many other fables.

  • You do realise that in the original Little Mermaid story by Hans Christian Andersen, she obtains legs?

  • IT can't because there is a picture of faith lily and narrissa before faith died

  • Yeah, in the Little Mermaid story, Nerissa gains legs but the prince doesn't love her. So therefore she's been stuck with the legs since. That's why I think she seems sad all the time.

  • Yes, I realize The Little Mermaid story came way before Disney. In her original story, she gets her legs by buying a magical item from a sea witch. That seems way too close to the concept of a glamour to me.

    Also, keep in mind that TTG has to deal with the stories of about 50 fables in about 6-12 hours of gameplay. Some stretches, connections, omissions and shortcuts must be taken. That in mind: look at Nerissa's entry. It says she wanted legs to impress a prince. But the prince doesn't marry her, and instead marries a princess.

    I think that the prince and princess were Lawrence and Faith, respectively. I don't really think Nerissa killed Faith. It seems out of her nature as a character, however, I don't think she is devastated at all. I think that in order to gain his affection, Nerissa assimilates part of the woman (Faith) who took her prince off the market. Not only that, but if you save Lawrence, he appears at Lily's funeral in episode 3's beginning. He hangs out towards the back of the seating, but he doesn't know anyone there. At all. Nerissa makes it a point to talk to Bigby when Bigby is back in Lawrence's seating area (whether Lawrence is there or not depends on if you saved him). I think she was interested in what Bigby had to say, but I think her main point of coming back there was to see Lawrence. She is then quickly called back up front by Vivian.

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