• Well, when I started playing the game I was trying to be nice to everyone, but sometimes I play the badass when someone annoys me, for example, I did cut off Gren's arm. Anyway, I always try to be friendly, except when the annoy me (as Gren did).

    When I finished the 3rd chapter, I started new games on different saves, to play different Bygbys. In one of those, I'am extremely bad with everyone and also keep aggressive attitude in dialogues.

    PS: Can't wait until episode 4 release!
    PS2: Excuse my english, it isn't my home language neither.


  • I'm trying to play Bigby as myself as much as possible, and trying to side with Snow as much as possible. However, with Snow becoming a bit bitchy, I'm starting to make my own decisions more, without her influence.

    • someone occasionally disagreeing with you =/= bitchy.

      Sometimes I think that some people are angry at Snow because she's a woman and they think she should follow their 'better' judgement.

      She's perfectly nice to you if you agree with her, and mean if you never do. Like, y'know, everyone in real life.

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    MrLee BANNED

    I'm playing myself and that means a nice Wolf... But I'm not nice in Georgie's club and when I fight somebody I say. Sorry but you were trying to attack me so forgive me when I punch him in the face for example.

  • I kind of wish I didn't rip grens arm off. Because of what I did in episode 3..

  • I play Bigby as a guy that's trying really hard to hold back and be a nice guy, especially when Snow is present, but easily loses control when angered.

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