L***'s crime scene (long analysis concerning all the hard evidence found)

We know Lily didn't die in the dress that was left torn in the closet, and seen in the picture of her in the bed with Crane.

At first I wasn't sure about how "deep" (forgive the irony) Crane did dive into the fantasy (I thought maybe he just wanted to recreate the fantasy for the pictures, which would be a twist to make him look less sick and everyone would feel a little sorry/pity for him), but after replaying Lily's body investigation scene, upon mentioning to Crane she had track mark of mundy drugs usage, he got really worried about diseases, implying he in fact had sex with her and was actually worried about the possibility of having been contaminated with some DST. (Which now I think would be just effing deserving).

Anyway, we know that Crane had sex with her in the bed, wearing the... lets call it, "fantasy dress"... and, due all the blood, that Lily literally lost her head (being cut or falling off, if you believe the ribbon theory) in that very bed. But, as Bigby points out, the fantasy dress has no blood in it, so she must have died in the clothes we found she using when they dumped her body on the river.

Note that the dress is not perfect because it's not part of the glamour. It seems that it worked just for her flesh and bone. That would explain why when she turns back into her true troll form she's still dressed as Snow.

Now lets try to make sense of this... Crane striped Lily naked before/during the sex (in the pic, we see his hand up her skirt, as she's laying down in the bed, surrounded with flowers, etc), tearing up her dress during the act, then him or most likely her leaving it in the closet. And, finally, as she was dressed like regular Snow when she died/was killed, she must have dressed up before going back to bed... after Crane just had his way with her?...

So, can anyone come up with a theory on why, after having had sex with Crane, Lily while still glamoured would dress up as regular Snow and go back to bed? That's how far I could get with the facts. I'll comment how much further I stretched my conclusions into seemly crazy theories...

Everybody, please feel free to let me know what you think about my little investigation, the theory I'm about to post, and if you have your own share it with us. :-)


  • All right, here goes my theory...

    It seems that Crane has been using and replaying over and over Snow's fantasy in that room with prostitutes, at least Faith and lastly Lily. But when Lily's glamour expired, he seemed surprised and disgusted to find out she was a troll, suggesting that he probably was expecting Faith, Nerissa or any other non-troll working girl. So that would explain why he wouldn't mind leaving all the evidence (not of the murder but) of his "fantasy" lying all over the room. Which also suggests that he would have locked the room after he was "done" with the girl... and I'm betting he wouldn't just leave the girl there... the key was his, after all... Or would he? My best guess to cover why this time Crane would have left the room is that he was with someone else other than the working girl. Someone he trusted enough to ask to take pictures for him (in case he needed inspiration in some lonely night, maybe... ugh), someone he would feel comfortable/ok with watching him "having his way with his fantasy"... Omg!... The only people I can think of is of course the other girls, Nerissa or Vivian... but maybe that's stretching too much... that would explain the huff and puffs. Vivian is shown smoking the first time we see her, Nerissa on the other hand I think was only shown smoking in the cover of the second episode... that's not in game but is evidence enough for me. However it was, I'm betting something happened after Crane left, and that third person not necessarily took part in it but watched it all happen (if it was Nerissa, that would explain why she is so frightened).

    Finally, my guess is that the murderer was "dying" to see Lily and couldn't wait for her to go back home... or Faith's apartment, as Faith left a note asking Lily to meet her there and I'm betting it's were Lily was about to go. But the murder found Faith first, and whatever he was after led him to Lily. I'm betting the blood next to prince Lawrence wasn't his, but Faith's. The murder probably beat her up (not necessarily killed her at that moment) in front of Lawrence, maybe forced him to leave a suicide and shot him or made him shot himself... The angle of the shot suggests a real suicide attempt or that someone very short (Toad? I don't wanna rule him out but, lol) took the shot.

    So... what do you guys think of my theory (theories)?

  • The killer is a cross dresser.

  • And murder makes him hungry.

  • Come on, were my points so bad?

  • Bigby mentions that he thinks Crane was a cross dresser.

  • I hope you are joking, as that's one of the dumb dialogue options, like "murder makes him hungry".

  • Maybe the pictures were taken before all this happened.Maybe at the time of murder lily was dressed up as regular snow? guess we'll have to wait till episode 4 to know the whole truth.

  • Was there blood on her dress though? I don't think she was killed in the Snow dress either. All that blood on the bed would have gotten her dress soaked as well.

  • Good thinking! Old picture... taken in a earlier date like the other two pictures, of her in the bridge and of her with Bigby "from last winter"... and a torn dress used in an earlier more complete recreation of her fairy tale, even worth taking photos... that creep!

    Then, maybe this time around he just had the prostitute laying down with the flowers, after biting the apple... gave her wine just to help her feel more comfortable with all the creep stuff. Makes more sense than dressing up in the fantasy dress, then dressing up again as regular Snow... BUT as we know that he had sex with her, he must have stripped her down. Lily's body was wearing lingerie and everything. That's evidence enough that she dressed up as regular Snow after Crane had her way with her... For that reason, I'm still betting that she used the torn dress and the picture was taken that very night, and had time to dress up again before going back to bed to be killed...

    One more thing I would like to point out is... what a effing crazy creep it would make Crane to get on with his meeting with the prostitute after the head of another prostitute had just been found in the doorstep of the building where he lives. Then maybe there's more to what happened than we know...

  • No, there wasn't. Bigby even points it out when Snows brings it up.

  • The killer crouched with the gun so the trejectory of the bullet would indicate it was self-inflicted? But why make it seem like a suicide? To cover the killers tracks? Then why leave Faith's head at the business office and try to hide Lily's body in the river?

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