• The killer is a cross dresser.

  • Bigby mentions that he thinks Crane was a cross dresser.

    • I hope you are joking, as that's one of the dumb dialogue options, like "murder makes him hungry".

      • Maybe the pictures were taken before all this happened.Maybe at the time of murder lily was dressed up as regular snow? guess we'll have to wait till episode 4 to know the whole truth.

        • Good thinking! Old picture... taken in a earlier date like the other two pictures, of her in the bridge and of her with Bigby "from last winter"... and a torn dress used in an earlier more complete recreation of her fairy tale, even worth taking photos... that creep!

          Then, maybe this time around he just had the prostitute laying down with the flowers, after biting the apple... gave her wine just to help her feel more comfortable with all the creep stuff. Makes more sense than dressing up in the fantasy dress, then dressing up again as regular Snow... BUT as we know that he had sex with her, he must have stripped her down. Lily's body was wearing lingerie and everything. That's evidence enough that she dressed up as regular Snow after Crane had her way with her... For that reason, I'm still betting that she used the torn dress and the picture was taken that very night, and had time to dress up again before going back to bed to be killed...

          One more thing I would like to point out is... what a effing crazy creep it would make Crane to get on with his meeting with the prostitute after the head of another prostitute had just been found in the doorstep of the building where he lives. Then maybe there's more to what happened than we know...

  • Was there blood on her dress though? I don't think she was killed in the Snow dress either. All that blood on the bed would have gotten her dress soaked as well.

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