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The Walking Dead: God Help Us Part 1

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The story of Clementine and Christa's journey begins down here:

This is a big one.

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It's a calm, snowy afternoon in the woods. Clementine is out scouting for food. She looks down and sees some tracks in the snow. She looks up and sees that they lead to a log. She crouches down and follows the tracks. Once she reaches the log, she peeks up and sees a deer feeding on some grass. Christa sneaks behind her with her rifle.

  • Christa: Do you see it?
  • Clementine: Yeah.
  • Christa: Good. Stand back.

Christa loads her gun and aims it at the deer. BANG! She fires and delivers a fatal shot to neck. They hop over the log and walk to examine their dinner. Christa takes out some rope.

  • Christa: This is gonna be tough.
  • Clementine: Maybe we should've brought Eliza with us.
  • Christa: She would've slowed us down. Besides, she's the only one who can look after the baby and Jacob.
  • Clementine: Do you think they'll be okay back there?
  • Christa: They'll be fine. It's a cabin. If walkers show up, there's little that they can do.

Christa ties the rope to the deer's legs. Clementine looks at the dull, lifeless expression on the deer's face as the blood continues to flow out of its neck.

  • Christa: Come on.

Christa proceeds to drag the deer back to the cabin. Clementine follows.

  • Clementine: Are you still mad at me?
  • Christa: ...
  • Clementine: I didn't mean to upset you. I thought I could save him.
  • Christa: Well, you thought wrong. Donald's dead, and you nearly got yourself killed.

Christa stops walking and turns to Clementine.

  • Christa: Look. I don't know if those people really did only see you as a means to an end, and I guess I'll never know. I didn't mean to kill's just...Eliza shot that woman, and I just panicked. I still feel a little sick from time to time. But the fact that Francis let you take off without my knowledge, and that you could've died...that's what's keeping me from fully regretting it.
  • Clementine: Even though they did care about my safety.
  • Christa: It's bad enough that you've already done this back in Savannah.
  • Clementine: But I...I was trying to find my parents...I didn't think that---
  • Christa: No, you didn't. What you did was stupid and careless and look at what happened to Lee...and Omid...

Clementine feels hurts by Christa's words. Christa turns her attention back to the deer.

  • Christa: (sighs) I'm sorry. Come on, let's just get this damn thing back to the cabin.

Christa continues on down the path to the cabin. Clementine remains where she is, just eyeing Christa. She looks sad on the outside, but inside she feels upset.

  • Christa: Clementine!!

Clementine proceeds to follow her.

Daylight is slowly slipping by and they've managed to reach their shelter. It's a small, square cabin with only one door at the front. The windows are on each side of the cabin. In front of the cabin is a fire pit with some logs for sitting, and the dirty-as-hell van. Eliza comes rushing out of the front door, looking quite distressed.

  • Eliza: You're finally back!
  • Christa: What's wrong?
  • Eliza: Jacob's not feeling too good!

Clementine follows Eliza into the cabin while Christa looks for a tarp to cover up the deer. Inside the cabin, there is no carpet, only a plain, cold wooden floor. There are book shelves at the back, and the beds with sheetless mattresses along the right and left side of the wall. Jacob is resting on the right side closest to the door, while the baby is sleeping on the mattress near the bookshelves.

Clementine looks at Jacob. He's sweating and he breathing heavily.

  • Eliza: After you left, he started feeling worse. I'm scared he might die. We need more medicine!
  • Clementine: He doesn't look so good.
  • Eliza: I know!
  • Clementine: Hold on (she check her pockets for pain killers) these can ease his pain.

She takes out some pills and offers them to Jacob. He closes his mouth and turns away.

  • Jacob: No...(coughs)
  • Clementine: But you need to!

Christa comes into the cabin and walks to Jacob.

  • Christa: Oh God. Where are the pills?
  • Eliza: There's not much left.
  • Christa: Go get them.
  • Eliza: But he won't take them!
  • Jacob: No...not any...more
  • Christa: Jacob, please take it.
  • Jacob: The hurts...
  • Christa: I know, I know, but you can't give up. We still have enough gas to get us to Wellington. There could be doctors there who can help you.

Jacob gives in and takes the pills. Christa takes a deep breath and walks over to Junior. She picks him up and comforts him while the girls watch. Clementine looks out the window and sees that it stopped snowing.

  • Clementine: The snow's gone.
  • Christa: ...It's too wet to start a fire right now. Looks like dinner's gonna have to wait a bit.
  • Eliza: That's fine.
  • Christa: Sorry. I feel a little tired. I'm gonna rest for a while. You can go play or whatever...just be careful.

Christa lays down with the baby in her arms and passes out. Clementine looks outside and sees that the sun is setting beneath the trees. Eliza comes out with her.

  • Eliza: Wanna go to the river?
  • Clementine: Yeah, sure.
  • Jacob: You guys always got to go to the river. I just wanna see it for myself this time. Please?
  • Clementine: No. Your leg's still bad. You should rest.

The two walk down the open path until they see the river. They sit down next too each other. They look into the gracefulness of the stream. Clementine notices Eliza staring at her gun.

  • Clementine: What are you doing?
  • Eliza: Why won't you teach me how to use it?
  • Clementine: I just don't think know's the time. Besides, we need the bullets.
  • Eliza: But I can do it. You saw what I did back there. If it weren't for me, those people would've killed us.
  • Clementine: You don't know that.
  • Eliza: really couldn't help him, could you?
  • Clementine: ...No.
  • Eliza: What happened?
  • Clementine: That man...all he wanted from me was to join his group. If I didn't, he was gonna make me watch him kill Donald before he killed me.
  • Eliza: That sounds scary.
  • Clementine: It was...I found him, though. He was tied up in a bathroom. When that man showed up, Donald gave me time to run away...and I heard him die...
  • Eliza: ...
  • Clementine: I feel's my fault.....
  • Eliza: No! It's NOT your fault! HE left us to go to the store with the guy. HE got captured, because of it. There was nothing you could do to save him.

Clementine stands up and turns her back on Eliza.

  • Clementine: I know...but I can't help it. Christa told me I was stupid and careless for taking off.

Eliza gets up and walks to Clementine to comfort her.

  • Eliza: Sometimes I wish I could be as brave as you, Clem.

They share a hug.

  • Clementine: Thanks. (shrugs shoulders) You could be.
  • Eliza: Well, if you show me how to use a gun, then maybe I can get a headstart.

They hear a sound. They look to the right and see a walker wandering aimlessly far away from them. It seems like it's completely unaware of the girls' presence.

  • Eliza: Can I?

Clementine looks at Eliza. She takes a look at her gun.

  • Clementine: One shot only.
  • Eliza: (smiles) That's all I need.

Eliza takes Clementine's gun and aims it at her target.

  • Eliza: Why's this so heavy?
  • Clementine: You'll get used to it.

Clementine can hear her breathing heavily.

  • Clementine: You're breathing too hard. Slow and steady breaths can help you focus.
  • Eliza: (takes a deep breath) Ok.
  • Clementine: Now, make sure you aim for the head. They'll keep coming if you hit them anywhere else.
  • Eliza: Ok....Almost got it....

Suddenly a far out gunshot is heard. The girls quickly look behind them. The walker hears it and walks into the forest.

  • Clementine: That sounded like it came from the cabin.
  • Eliza: Christa might by in trouble!

The girls rush into the forest to get to the cabin. They see Christa standing on the porch, aiming her rifle at a group of three people: A man, a woman, and a teenager aiming his pistol at Christa. They quickly hide behind a tree.

  • Christa: Are you fucking insane?! That shot rang out for miles!
  • Cameron: That was a warning shot, lady! Now give us the fucking deer!
  • Norman: Cameron, for God's sake! Put the damn gun down! Rotters are coming!
  • Cameron: Dad, if you wanna survive, you need to eat. If you want to eat, you need food. This woman has more food than she needs. And who cares about the rotters. They'll be here.
  • Jen: He has a point, Norman.
  • Christa: I have kids...and a baby. I have to feed them. It's MY kill. If you want food, go find your own. It's not my problem.

  • Eliza: Wait...I know those people...

  • Clementine: What?
  • Eliza: Those are the people from the camp!

Eliza leaps out from behind the tree and runs to Christa to hug her.

  • Christa: There you are! Where's Clementine?
  • Eliza: Christa, don't shoot them!

Cameron lowers his gun.

  • Cameron: ...Eliza?
  • Norman: My're still alive?
  • Christa: Wait, how do you know each other?
  • Jen: We met her at a settlement far away from here.
  • Christa: You're not talking about Donald's settlement, are you?
  • Norman: You were there too?

Christa lowers her gun.

  • Christa: Yeah. I was there when we were attacked.
  • Jen: It was terrible. We were hiding in our tents after we heard the guns. Our youngest....we lost him during the raid.
  • Christa: Sorry to hear.
  • Norman: Well, the name's Norman. This is my wife, Jen. And this here's my son, Cameron.
  • Christa: Christa.
  • Cameron: Damn. Sorry for being all hostile to you and shit.
  • Christa: It's fine. I hope you understand, but I still can't give you the deer.
  • Norman: But I only see one kid. You said you have more.
  • Christa: We have another inside, but he's sick.
  • Eliza: Jacob's gonna get better though.

Jen widens her eyes.

  • Jen: Did...did you just say Jacob?
  • Norman: He's with you?
  • Christa: Yeah, but he--
  • Cameron: JACOB!!

Cameron runs past Christa and into the cabin. Norman and Jen proceed as well. Clementine finally comes out of hiding and walks to Christa.

  • Christa: There you are.
  • Eliza: Clementine, those people are from that camp.
  • Clementine: I know, I heard.

They walk into the cabin. The three strangers huddle over Jacob's bed and watch him. Jen is in tears.

  • Jen: Oh my God. Our baby boy's okay! (she leans on Norman)
  • Norman: I know. I know. (turns to Christa) I have no idea how to thank you for saving him.
  • Christa: He's your son...
  • Cameron: Wait, what happened to his leg?

Cameron walks to Christa.

  • Cameron: What the fuck happened to him?!
  • Christa: He got shot by some robbers about two months ago. Now back off.
  • Norman: It's alright, Cameron. Your brother's okay.
  • Jacob: Wh...wha...
  • Jen: Honey, he's waking up!
  • Jacob: (opens his eyes) M.....mmom?
  • Jen: Oh God! Jacob, I'm so happy you're okay!!
  • Cameron: Hey, little bro.

Jacob starts panicking and falls out of his bed. He crawls backward towards Christa, Eliza, and Clementine.

  • Jacob: GET AWAY FROM ME!!
  • Norman: Jacob, it's okay!
  • Christa: Jacob, what's wrong?!
  • Jacob: You left me! When they attacked us, you all left me!
  • Cameron: Jake, there was nothing we could do! The lurkers were coming to get us, and the men were shooting!
  • Jen: Going into the crowd to get you would've been suicide!

Jacob grabs Christa's leg and start crying.

  • Clementine: You didn't really leave him behind, did you?
  • Cameron: Mind your own fucking business, kid.
  • Christa: Don't talk to her like that. I'm disgusted with you people.
  • Norman: You don't know anything.
  • Christa: I nearly died trying to save my baby after they attacked us.
  • Jen: Well, good for you. I don't know anything about the circumstances of your situation, so I can't judge; that being said, you have no idea what ours was. If one of us went after him--
  • Clementine: I don't care how bad it was! How could you just leave him to die?!
  • Eliza: ...You're horrible people...
  • Cameron: I don't have to listen to this shit.

Cameron walks out of the cabin. Jen leans down to Jacob's level.

  • Jen: Honey, I know what we did...was bad, but--
  • Jacob: Fuck you! I don't ever wanna see any of you ever again!
  • Norman: Jacob! Don't talk to your mother like that!
  • Christa: Can't say I blame him.

Jen stands back up to talk to Christa.

  • Jen: Look, you have no idea how grateful I am that you saved him. Really. Thank you. We can finally take him off your hands for you.
  • Christa: I don't think he's interested...

Clementine hears some sounds coming from outside. She walks out and sees Cameron trying to hack off the deer's leg with an axe. She quickly runs and tries to stop him.

  • Clementine: Hey! That's ours!
  • Cameron: Fuck off!

Cameron hits Clementine in the face with the butt of his axe. She falls to the ground. Cameron drops the axe, aims his gun at her. Clementine slowly gets up from the ground, holding her left eye, while furiously glaring into Cameron's eyes. Eliza sees what's happening and stands in front of Clementine.

  • Eliza: Leave her alone!

Christa, Jen, and Norman all walk outside to see the commotion. Christa notices the deer's nearly-hacked-off leg.

  • Christa: What the fuck is going on?!
  • Eliza: He hit Clem!!
  • Clementine: He was trying to get some of the deer meat.

Christa loads her rifle and aims it at Cameron. Jen and Norman slowly move back away from the cabin.

  • Christa: Get the fuck out of my sight. All of you.

Cameron aims his gun at Christa.

  • Cameron: You think I won't shoot you, bitch?
  • Jen: Cameron, don't!
  • Cameron: But she still has Jacob! AND the deer!
  • Norman: We'll find another way! Just, put the gun down! Please! No more killing!
  • Cameron: ...son of a bitch...

Cameron lowers the gun and walks to Norman and Jean. Christa runs to Clementine. She kneels down and examines her face.

  • Christa: Clementine! Are you okay?
  • Clementine: I'm fine.

  • Cameron: I'm not leaving without my little brother.

  • Christa: Yes, you are. Get out of here. NOW.

Norman comforts Jen.

  • Norman: We'll get him back...somehow.
  • Jen: Cameron, let's just go back to camp.
  • Cameron: ...fine.

They watch the three disappear into the woods. Christa turns her attention to Clementine. Her eye's starting to bruise.

  • Christa: That asshole...
  • Eliza: Does it hurt?
  • Clementine: ...a little...
  • Eliza: (to Christa) Do you think they'll come back?
  • Christa: I'll be ready if they do.
  • Clementine: Is Jacob ok?
  • Christa: He's fine.

Christa looks at the deer.

  • Christa: Come on. We should get dinner started.

SCENE.....................NAH, JUST FUCKIN' WITH YOU


A full moon is out. Light snow is falling in the dark cold of the night. Everyone gathers around the fire, sitting on logs in front of the cabin. Christa uses a frying pan to cook the deer meat . Eliza sits next to her, while Clementine and Jacob sit next to each other. Everyone is eating their food, except for Clementine (who's touching her bruised eye) and Jacob.

  • Eliza: Aren't you guys hungry?
  • Christa: She's right, you two. You need to eat.

  • Jacob: During the raid, Everyone just ran all over the place. I didn't know where I was supposed to go. Through the crowd, I saw my brother and my parents getting into the car. They saw me....they saw me looking right at them...before they closed the door...and took off...

  • Eliza: I can't imagine how that must feel.

  • Jacob: (staring into the fire) I angry...that they left me.
  • Clementine: How come you never told us?
  • Jacob: I don't know...I just...I just thought this was somehow God's way of making me suffer...for acting like a shithead.
  • Eliza: Jacob...
  • Jacob: But it took THIS (gestures to wounded leg) to get me to wake up. And now...I can't even make it up to Donald...
  • Christa: He'd want you to stay strong.
  • Jacob: (to Clementine) Clem, I'm sorry for what he did to you...
  • Clementine: It's okay. I'll live.
  • Jacob: I can't believe he'd do that.
  • Clementine: There are a lot of bad people out there...people close to you can hurt you.

They hear a wolf howling. This has Eliza looking nervous.

  • Eliza: Uh...I'm done. Can we please go inside now?
  • Christa: Alright. Eliza, go help Jacob inside. Clementine, go get the tarp to cover up the rest of the deer.
  • Clementine: Okay.

Eliza gets up and walks to Jacob.

  • Eliza: Need a hand getting up?
  • Jacob: Nah, I got it.

Jacob uses his good leg to stand up. As he's about to fall, Eliza catches him at the last minute.

  • Jacob: Ow. I guess not.
  • Eliza: Idiot.
  • Jacob: Jeez, you don't have to be so mean.

They both share a smile before proceeding into the cabin. Clementine goes to get the tarp for the deer. Christa helps her cover it up.

  • Christa: Were you talking about me?
  • Clementine: What?
  • Christa: You said, "people close to you can hurt you." Were you talking about me?
  • Clementine: ...I know I made mistakes, but I--

Christa walks up to Clementine and hugs her.

  • Christa: Accidents happen. I shouldn't have said what I said. If it weren't for you, I would've been dead.
  • Clementine: (looks up and smiles) Thank you.
  • Christa: Lee would be proud of you. You know that, right?
  • Clementine: (nods) Mm-hmm.
  • Christa: Come on. It's getting cold out.

They proceed into the cabin.


The moon shines down through the windows. Everyone is asleep. Clementine is awoken and hears people talking from outside. One of them sounds like Cameron.

  • Cameron: This is it.
  • Zain: 'The Fuck? Why couldn't we have found this place first? At least they get a roof.
  • Rory: You said your brother's in there?
  • Cameron: Yeah. Him and Eliza. They're hanging out with two wackjobs.
  • Zain: Ok, whatever. Let's just get the deer and get out here.
  • Cameron: You guys bring it back to camp. I'm gonna get my brother out of here.
  • Rory: Fine, just don't wake them.

Clementine quickly gets out of bed and hides beside the door. The door slowly opens and Cameron walks in. He looks around to make sure the coast is clear, but luckily for Clementine, the door's keeping her hidden.

Clementine peeks her head out and sees Cameron standing over Jacob. He's holding a pistol in his left hand. Clementine's furious. She slowly walks out of hiding and just as she's about to call Cameron out, Eliza accidentaly makes sound while getting out of bed. Startled, Cameron turns to Eliza's direction and fires his gun. Everyone wakes up, the baby start's crying, and Clementine is horrified to see blood coming from Eliza's gut. Eliza looks and touches her stomach before looking at Clementine.

  • Eliza: ...C-Clem...?

Eliza collapses to the floor. Christa gets up and rushes to her.

  • Christa: OH GOD!! ELIZA!!

Cameron drops his gun and slowly walks backward towards the door.

  • Cameron: I....I'm sorry....I just...I...I

Clementine watches as Cameron runs off. She looks out the door sees him running into the forest. She also notices a trail of blood going the same direction. She assumes that the other people who went with Cameron have taken the deer.

  • Christa: That son of a bitch!
  • Jacob: ELIZA!!

Clementine looks at Christa and Jacob trying to keep Eliza from bleeding out.

  • Eliza:


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