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Okay if this is supposed to be a prequel to the comics then shouldn't one of the episodes be about the abuse Snow went through with the Dwarfs? Having an episode of at least a flashback of what happened could explain why Snow hates being alone and has the attitude she has. I read comics 1-19 and it didn't explain what happened with the Dwarfs. The only thing we know about the Dwarfs is Bigby said we don't talk about them ever.


  • I don't think you really want to know what happened, that's like wanting a flashback about Ichabod's ''sessions'' in the open arms.

    She was abused by the Dwarfs.....And it went downhill from there.

  • What comic explains that? And yea I think you answered my question. Poor Snow

  • Sorry, i'm not sure which issue exactly, but it was explained in the series that the dwarves would hold girls as slaves and systematically abuse them, Snow being the only known one to break free.

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    1001 Nights of Snowfall has the story about it.

  • If you want to know exactly what happened, the graphic novel, 1001 Nights of Snowfall (Written by the comic's creator) shows a bit from everyone's pasts, but mostly Snow Whites. It's 200(Or so) pages long and it's on the web store for 15 dollars (If i'm not mistaken). I doubt Telltale would have an entire episode devoted to something like her past. It seems like they don't want to recreate things that were already told, they want to add to his artistic genius without retelling stories already told. Of course, smaller details are mentioned, but the actual events are not going to be retold in some sort of flashback.

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    I'm not sure which issue but it's in volume 15 entitled Rose Red. It tells the whole backstory of Snow White and her sister Rose.

  • Yeah. Also I think they want to encourage people to read the novels.

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    1001 Nights of Snowfall explains what happens to the dwarves and how far Snow's hatred towards them goes. Rose Red story arch explains what Snow went through a bit more. A more detailed flashback is in issue 133.

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