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What if Clem met Carver instead of the Cabin Group?

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I don't know if this has been discuss before.

But based on a comment from Youtube from a user named AnteroX1234. What if after the dog biting scene from episode 1, Clem met Carver's group instead of the Cabin Group? How would Carver treat Clem? How would Bonnie treat her?

  • Let's Change to Cabin group to carver camp you know that Clem got passed then almost accidentally shot well that the same from carver

    Sorry for my bad English

  • I have a feeling Carver would have been more likely to give Clem medical attention. Someone who has survived almost 2 years into this I would assume knows what happens if you get bitten. Why would you lie and waste your time denying the inevitable?

  • It's an interesting question.
    I actually think he wouldn't have hesitate to take Clementine under his wings.
    Now we all know Carver is the violent type but thats only if you get on his bad side, and lets not forget he's obsessed with building a community.

    • I think we see his violent and bad side because we are with the cabin group. We don't know how he treats his own people. He might be genuine when he calls them family.

      EDIT: I meant those who are his side and not the Cabin group who ran away.

    • I agree. With bad characters you never really get a chance to see a good side to them. I do think that most of what the characters do now is for survival and not even carver would deny somebody survival (that he didn't have history with)

  • I think Clem would think he's a nice guy because she would probably see the nicer side of him before seeing the darker side of him, and when things play out like that, people justify the wrong things that others do. So i'm basically saying, She'd be on Carver's side most likely, without realizing Carver is an asshole.

  • Firstly, I just threw up a little sick bastard.

    Secondly, I think it would be interesting to see that play out if she had met Carver instead of the cabin group obviously she would sided with him because she would have only heard his side. But I think after he would have found the group and turned Clem would have realized how evil he was .

  • They patch her up and give her an AK-47

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