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Hello I ordered Sam and Max Freelance Police: The Complete Series, last week on the 24th of September, and I believe it was supposed to arrive at the latest two days ago Monday the 29th. It is now Wednesday, and I am becoming worried, please help!:eek:
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  • USPS shipping times don't always match what they say they will, but I'll follow up with our fulfillment house and see if they know of any issues with the package.
  • Ok thanks, it didn't come again today, is it okay if I keep checking back in with you if it doesn't come? Sorry just feels more secure when I've got someone to check up with.
  • All of the orders that shipped via USPS on the 24th are displaying the "shipping info received" message. The packages were picked up from the fulfillment house, so someone from the fulfillment house is going to contact the post office to find out what's going on. Thanks for your patience!
  • Not a problem, thank YOU.

  • Just saying Friday is another no show.

    Maybe tomorrow
  • USPS finally has some tracking info for you.

    On Friday I heard back from the fulfillment house that the post office claimed the packages went out on Sept 30 (no explanation for why they were sitting around for a week...) But I wouldn't be surprised if they actually went out on Thursday, the day we complained about it.

    In any case, it seems to be on the move now! :D
  • IT ARRIVED!, IT ARRIVED!!!. Thank you so much Ms. Emily


    *runs downstairs to watch it*

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