Episode 3 ending confusion

So in the ending of ep 3 we all know what happens with crane and all of that.

But one thing i thought about today is. The first car. You know the one that makes them run into dee, dum and Bloody Mary. Why didn't the people in that car just come from behind to just take crane hostage so they could leave fast and easy and Dum wouldn't have died. Or they could have just done something to Snow (maybe take her hostage too?) that would had made bigby give up crane easily. Or why would Nerissa just ignore the car (if it was still there) and went to look at what happened with bigby.

Well I hope this made sense and please tell me what you think.



  • Because they didn't want Bigby to kill them? Because they didn't have silver bullets perhaps

  • listen that's what i think:
    The dums or Tweedles or whatever :3
    told Bloody Marry about Bigby and just seeing how psychotic she is maybe she wanted to the way it happened in the end to see with who she is dealing with or maybe the crooked man wanted it so shortly i think this shit was planned all along.......

  • Well since Bloody Mary was sitting and having a good day while the Tweedles were getting fucked up by Bigby, I don't think they cared about the tweedles obviously.

  • For story telling convenience? You probably wouldn't get that awesome fight if they could just sneak up on Bigby and take Crane by force. Killing Dum (or not) will obviously have some side effects that will be important to the story later. Plus I get the idea that BM and the Crooked Man want Bigby and Snow alive for some greater purpose, but that's still a mystery to me.

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