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How would these WD characters get along with these TWAU characters.

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Bigby and Lee

Bigby and Clementine

Snow and Carley

Gren and Carlos

Flycatcher and Ben

Bluebeard and Lee(LOL)

Bluebeard and Carver

Bloody Marry and Carver

Snow and Clementine

  • Awww Snow and Clem. Honestly, since losing Christa... Clem needs a female mother like figure (besides Rebecca who I don't think is caring enough towards her, although I do think she cares)

  • Bigby and Lee both did something bad in the past and wanted a good fresh start, Lee would be his deputy sheriff lol.. I also see Mary and Carver working together for some reason... Now that would be scary.

    • .Lee and Bigby: good
    • Bigby and Clem: Awkward
    • Snow and Carley: Good
    • Gren and Carlos: Well one them will end up dead...
    • Flycatcher and Ben: Great
    • Bluebeard and Lee: They would fight to the death but they would become best friends once they realise they sound the same.
    • Bluebeard and Carver: Power Struggle!
    • Bloody Mary and Carver: Scary badassness
    • Snow and Clem: Awesomely
  • Bigby is so awkward with children ("I never know what to say to these people..."), him and clem interacting would be adorable. Everyone would comment on how Lee and Bluebeard sound the same but Lee and Bluebeard would deny it and say that they don't hear the resemblance at all. Bloody Mary and Carver would be the dream team from hell. Bigby and Lee would bond over past wrongdoings.

  • lol Gren and Carlos... I see what you did there.

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