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Has anyone else noticed...

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...that Episode 1 of Season 1 had more interaction than Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2 combined?

By interaction I mean situations where you can explore, solve (easy) puzzles and talk to people freely. Pharmacy from "A New Day" is a fine example of that and I really liked that place, because there was a lot to do. So far in Season 2 the few places where you can interact with the objects are rather limited and there isn't much to do besides finding the right hot spot.

I'm not saying that Season 2 is bad, I just miss places like pharmacy, St. John's farm and Crawford, because those places allowed you to explore at your own pace.

  • I'm hoping we get some hub areas at camp carver. I miss the interactions

  • I agree, but some people just see them as a waste of time.

  • it's an interactive movie now. deal with it

  • The drug store was okay but parts of it were just a bit irritating and the problems were a little too puzzle like, "I cant reach that brick". Plus on replays I had to more or less force myself through all the different things I had to do before moving on.

    Season 1 Episode 2 was simaler to season 2

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    I miss the feeling of just walking around talking to the people you're with, like in s1 ep2,3 at the motor inn.

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      MrLee BANNED

      It's a big change

    • Yeah, it was cool talking to people. The game has gone anti-social.

      • Well Clem's 11. I was pretty anti-social at that age unless I was with close friends, like how she is and I don't see many of the people in the new group as her friends except for Luke * who's technically missing * and Rebecca, depending on how you play.

        • Clem seems to think that they are her friends as there's an option to prefer them over her older friend.

          In any case these people seem more distant to me than Season 1 group, because there really hasn't been many opportunities to know them better. In Season 1 you learned to know the group pretty fast as there were plenty of opportunities to just walk around and talk to them. Talking to them wasn't even always mandatory and you could skip it if it wasn't your cup of tea, but those additional dialogues added a lot to the characters.

          • Don't get me wrong, I completely agree, i'm just saying :P Although Clem is very intelligent, she is still a kid and still is going through that awkward stage, which of course has somewhat happen even in the apocalypse.

  • I never liked the mini puzzles and chating, because it literally made NO difference.

    Example: Do you know that you can completely skip the battery puzzle? Does it change the story? NO! Lee and Carly still tease each other about it as if it still happened even though I COMPLETELY skipped it. Therefore, there was no point to the story with that puzzle, it was just to waste time and make the episode seem longer.

    • I even support this with evidence and I am still disliked. Yeah, the puzzle was pointless.

    • Even though you supported evidence, I disagree. Because many others and myself don't like the hub areas because they CHANGE the story.. we like them because they IMPROVE the gameplay. It gives us a chance to sit back and enjoy the game, and company of the group, instead of feeling like we're rushing through the episodes.

      (In response to "Ohyoupokedme", i think i forgot to hit the reply button.)

      • Choices and consequences are what makes the game, not pointless mini games who's only purpose is to make the episode seem longer. At least if they had a bit of consequence, it would make me feel better, but it means nothing. You find two objects, slip them in the radio, just so it can add ten minutes. I'd rather have that effort put into choices and consequence, you know, the things that matter.

        • I said:

          Choices make the game, true, but those are choices we make based on how much we can empathize, care or outright dislike our characters. Hubs play an important part in fleshing said characters out. Imagine if we'd gotten the same amount (NOTE: Or every other character this season, for that matter) of interaction with Clementine in the first two episodes last season as we did with Sarah in A House Divided.

          -March 11

    • Your example sounds like an oversight in the plot. I did fix the radio, so I didn't know about that oversight.

      If you want an example of a pointless puzzle, then it's that wind turbine puzzle from A House Divided, which made me think why is this part even interactive instead of cutscene. They raised the expectations that it's going to be something challenging and then it was so simple that even a trained chimpanzee could solve it without thinking.

      For me hub areas aren't about making difference (although if the area is well made your actions have consequences), but about feeling that I'm controlling the character as I can freely move around and do different stuff, instead of just watching cutscenes and occasionally selecting what I want to say. I like that game gives me something to do and tries to challenge me in different ways. Puzzles don't necessarily need to be very difficult, but still challenging enough that it makes you feel like you achieved something which a trained chimp couldn't do.

      I enjoy those cutscene sequences also, but more interactivity is something which I would like to see in the future episodes of Season 2. It gives the game better pacing if there are both; hub areas and cutscene sequences.

    • A man's useless conversation is another's character development. Granted, the whole radio thing was nearly as silly as Season 2's wind turbine, but you still have some golden interactions that while they don't affect the story or change the outcomes, are still what I'd consider an integral part of the experience.

      EDIT: Also, you've said it yourself, many of those interactions are optional.

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    TDMshadowCP BANNED

    The only thing we ever got close to that "Part of the game when you can talk to everyone." is when Clem and co. stop at the small house where Matthew was hanging out. We could only talk to Alvin, Rebecca, Sarah, and Nick.

  • I miss that too, but I also really like the energy of this season. Clem hasn't had any time to slow down and relax yet. She's always on the move, whether she wants to be or not. The uncertainty of every location increases the tension.

  • I play this game for the story not the gameplay.

  • I miss things to click on.

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