Rebecca COULD be Lee's ex wife

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Think about it

' Up in Virginia '
She is black ( not saying black people only date other black people, but you know what I mean right?
If you listen to the voice in Lee's dream in ep[isode 1 then listen to Rebecca's, you could say they sound the same

and the final bit of theory?

Lee's Ex wife had an affair with a senator, a man of POWER and influence......she had an affair with Carver! another man of power and influence.

Yes she is ' married ' to Alvin, but that could be a zombie apoc marrige like Glenn and Maggies.

wjhat do you think?


  • l love your theory,but isn't Lee wife dead,Lee shot her along the senator.

  • No. The voice in season 1 is different not every character has to be related.

    Can't we just assume Lee's wife is dead. There is a chance Lee killed her to begin with and it would be more likely that she died rather than lived and met Clementine

  • thank you,we posted at the same time.

  • No, he did not even shoot the senator, they had a FIGHT ( like most men would in that situation ) and he accidently killed him, it was not in cold blood, Lee never wanted to kill him but it dont always work out like that, you start a fight withsome one and you riosk killing them by accident, and Lee took the risk and lost

  • hey wyatt, i ate paint when i was a kid, doi!

  • When on earth is that confirmed? All we know is Lee killed the senator. And from what we see in game (him calling the senator a bad man) Lee dosnt seem to care about it so it seems more likely he killed him in anger.

  • lt's plausible BUT if it was accidental he shouldn't have been convicted?His wife could have defended him assuming she she did the opposite.

  • omg are you an idiot? Re play episode 1 and listen to Lee's dream, you hear his wife talking, then a SMASH of glass and then her screaming, indicating that Lee hit him with something or pushed him through a window, not shooting. Your an idiot sir who cant grasp simple clues

  • Lee's wife isn't dead you can say that she is somewhere in Virginia when you are in the police car.

  • ....Thats polite, I was talking about how you claimed he accidently killed him and he regretted it which is completely unknown. I didnt initiate the theory that he shot him. However in reality he could of. Lee smashing his was in was the only thing we heard anything could have happened after that.

  • Lee could be lying (it was at hershel's farm when your asked about your family not in the cop car) but in reality is dosnt really matter chances are she's dead and she is certainly not rebbecca

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    If Carver had been the man that cheated on Rebecca then he would have been dead by now as you would recall that Lee did in fact kill the man who was sleeping with his wife.

    I admire you for trying your best with this theory but there are a lot of flaws involved that don't quite fit.

  • Or you know, anyone. Doesn't have to be black.

  • I think you're right,no YOU ARE RIGHT.l remember Hershel asking about his family,wife and girlfriend.

    -Lee stated about his family that they are in georgia
    -I don't know about the wife.
    -He said no girlfriend(Probably lying but Lee's wife is Lee's wife not girlfriend.

    Do you what does he answer about his wife.

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    I think Rebecca and Alvin's marriage is similar to Glenn and Maggies' in that it happened in the apocalypse, and I think she was originally married to Carver. This could be why she refers to him as 'Bill', when no one else does - they might go back a long way.

    I don't think that Rebecca is a victim of rape. That'd be too simple.

  • When Lee is being interrogated by the creep that took Clementine in Episode 5, the guy asks Lee if he had ever hurt someone he loved. If you choose "my wife", then Lee confesses that he knew that his wife was having an affair, and that he caught her with the senator one day he felt sick on his way to work. Both get into a fight, and Lee kills him by accident. In Episode 1(S1), when you talk to Hershel in the barn, Lee mentions that his ex-wife is somewhere in Virginia. I honestly don't think Rebecca is Lee's ex-wife, but I would love to see the plot-twist telltale might come up with if she were.

  • So much this.
    Just because they are both black doesn't mean they are a match. (channeling my inner-Kenny there)

    That's an unfortunate trope that really needs to be gotten rid of.

  • Why do people keep trying to find connections between everyone who isn't white? This is like that "Vince and Glenn are brothers" theory. Not all racial minorities are related, man.

  • Rebecca mentions going skiing with Alvin pre-apocalypse. I like your theory, but it doesn't seem to fit.

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    Lee' s ex wife.

  • Ah, forgot about that. There goes my theory XD

  • To be fair, Vince's model was created from Glenn's episode 1 model, so there is some degree of resemblance between them.

  • No. If you kill someone in a fight you are still convicted. you can't just say "Oops. My bad." and walk away free.

  • But still. I've seen a lot of other theories where people try to imply that black characters are related somehow and asides from the Luke-Carver thing, you never really see that with white characters.

  • yus i am certain rebecca is lees wife and vince is glenns brother!!

    becus all black people and asians have to be related, rite?

  • What's with all the down votes?

    I used to think this but I doubt it. Plus in one of the game files Zyphon showed me Lee's wifes name was Sam(Not the dog obviously) apparently.

  • Mmmm, nah. Rebecca's married to Alvin, there's been no evidence given so far that suggests otherwise. Her fling with Carver was probably just that - a fling. Or it was non-consensual/coercion. Either way, he doesn't strike me as the senator type. And the senator Lee's wife slept with is dead, so...

    If Lee's wife does show up, it would be too coincidental and almost ridiculous. Not everyone mentioned in dialogue needs to make an appearance. And just because Lee's black doesn't mean his wife is.

  • well im sorry it just pisses me off when people are so adamant that they are right they fail to spot simple clues. Im sorry, my bad man.

  • No i did not say Carver was the Senator, what I mean is Lee's ex wife had an affair with a man of power.....Mabey she has a thing for powerfull men and thats one of the reasons she slept with carver AS WELL!

  • Because she's black? "Tavia could be his wife too, doi!"

  • I think that is a streeeeeettttcchhhh.

  • this theory could have been possible before episode 2 came out but we learn in episode 2 that rebecca and alvin were together before the outbreak so yea

  • Yeah i did not know about that until today...BUT! after the whole Lee and the Senator thing, Rebecca could have had a quick marrige to Alvin, a vegas thing maybe? Alvin was a fat and not so good looking man so no doubt he would have married her in a second if given the chance.

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