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Bonjour ;)
First great bravo for the good work you re doing. Loved TWD and sam and max are pure jewlery

When i m going to your sam and max rubric, you say that season 3 is available on IOS, according to the Apple logo. But cant find it on apple store.
You just made a mistake and it s not available on IOS or does it mezn you plan to make it available on IOS soon ( when ?)

I got a pc will season 3 work on windows 8 ??
Thx for yoyr answer
Merci et bonne soiree


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    Telltale only released the first episode of Season 3 on iPad. It sounded as if they intended to release the whole season at one point, but could not due to technical limitations from older iPad devices.

    Telltale's older Seasons on iOS sell episodes on individual applications instead of having the entire Season in one application. If you have an iPad, search for "Sam and Max: The Penal Zone" on the app store. However, as I said previously, Telltale did not release the episode for iPhone/iPod touch.

  • Hi,
    Thanks fir answering, that s a pity we cant get the all season 1 and 3. We sent people on the moon 40 years a go and it s not impossible to get a portal from a device to another.. Weird and soooo bad.
    I m playing season 2, this license is pure gold.

    Couldnt find penal zone on app store by the way.. Only have the five episods of season 2...

    Anyway thanks again for your response. Good night !

  • Couldnt find penal zone on the appstore, only the five episods of season 2 are available..
    Anyway thanks again, good nigh !

  • An old link is but isn't working anymore. I think it's been taken down.

  • Weird.

    Maybe they removed it since they never finished the Season due to technical limitations for the earlier devices they designed it on. Obviously it can't be licensing issues since they still have Season 2, and Sam/Max recently appeared in Poker Night 2. Still though, a shame to see it go from the App Store.

  • Thx both of you.

    But maybe telltale has something to say about it ? The point of this community is to have info directly from them. I hope to get some explanation,

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