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When you ask the mirror about Faith, he answers:
Through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed, unfortunately for you, "these lips are sealed".

Also, I've noticed that if you go to Lawrence's place instead of Toad's first, you'll have to inform him the news. If you choose to say Faith is dead, it will show "You told Lawrence that Faith is dead", not "You told Lawrence the truth".

My question is, is there any chance that Faith's death was fake?
What do you all think?


  • Yeah. People can be resurrected. Or it may have been somebody glamoured as Faith.

  • It could definitely be a possibility,who knows what will happen,it'd be a great twist if she wasn't dead either! I'm dying for the next chapter :)

  • 2 fake deaths in one game? That really feels like lazy writing if we don't found out that it's all just a big birthday surprise for Bigby.

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    There's definitely more to Faith's death than meets the eye. The magic used is definitely very powerful, if it can mask Snow White's scent from Bigby (in the comics he's very attracted to her scent, and can't dull it with cigarette smoke like he can other scents, no matter how hard he tries). I have a feeling it's not black market magic like Antie Greenleaf has that we're dealing with here. With that kind of powerful magic that killed Faith and Lilly, anything's possible.

  • Honestly, if she was alive...I think we'd see her 'back from the dead' and it would be repetitive in my opinion.

  • There's definitely something fishy up in regards to Faith's death. All the theories we are coming up with on countless discussions make sense, however how does the death of Faith fit in? The killer could've killed Lily to make Crane look like a murderer, but why kill Faith? Something is wrong, and it has been since the beginning. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

  • It probably was BM glamoured as her. Because of the two finger goodbye thing

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    I think the writers might have dropped the ball (logically) at the end of episode one. If Bigby knows where Snow is constantly due to his 'wolf senses' (a la comics), and if Lily was glamored so 'well'-then you would think that during episode 1, Bigby would have found it strange that there were two Snow Whites walking around... :/

  • Like the idea... Nice find

    But um.. I don't want to see that

  • Well, I'm sure there was not any mention of how powerful his scent is in the game. Maybe they'll have him build up his scent power in later episodes.

  • Yes, I had been suspecting that for a while. I didn't know the Lawrence thing until I read this a couple days ago. I actually made a topic about Faith living. It goes a little bit further than your observation, as I make a tentative, but (I think and hope) well-supported theory about a few things. Anyhow, even if you don't agree (it's so long, it'd be hard to 100% agree), your topic got me thinking about it! Good spot!

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    Yes there were. When you examine Lily's body, Bigby notices that she is wearing Snow's perfume. Snow comments: "How would she know... how do YOU know what perfume I wear?"...to which Bigby replies, "Cant fool this nose." Also when you are at Greenleaf's house, Bigby says, "I can still smell that aftershave of his." I think there is a third example too, but if there is, it eludes me right now.

  • Actually, Snow mentioned she could smell his after shave too.

  • It's not that impressive that he can figure out Snow's perfume, real life people can do this such as 'professional' perfume sellers (really high end sellers, like in Hannibal when Starling had them smell the letter paper). Bigby also said that he knew it was Snow's perfume, because he saw the bottle on her desk... Now, the fact that Bigby (according to the comics) knows where Snow is constantly, due to his senses and could not stop even if he wanted to-that is quite the feat. The telltale writers have seemingly ignored this fact from the comics; I'm not sure why but it might have to do with 'pragmatic' reasons.

  • Maybe he didn't develop that ability at this stage yet.

  • Well, I wasn't commenting on if it was impressive or not haha. I was just saying there had been examples. At the very least he said, "Can't fool this nose." But in terms of backstory, you're quite right. It's definitely pragmatism..They cannot fit 12 years of comic lore into a short game like this. They have to pick and choose the most relevant features of a character. So if you are a huge fan and have read all the comics, there will be things that are not included, unfortunately, but on the bright side, a lot of gamers who would never know this series otherwise have come to enjoy one of your favorites.

  • Lol. I didn't say that she couldn't. She is human, so I can see how it might seem a banal feat. However, she works right by him, all day, everyday. She has probably smelled that scent hundreds of times. Bigby hates him and stays away as much as possible. He probably has been exposed only a few times. So no, it isn't superhuman, but it is still impressive.

  • Yes, that could very well be it. I mean, Snow and Bigby get married eventually, but they are nowhere near that right now. It would be a primal evolutionary advantage to know where your mate is at all times, but he doesn't have one yet. So it has probably not developed, as it would be a waste of mental faculty at this point in Bigby/Snow timeline.

  • Bigby is hundreds of years old (possibly a thousand years old), it makes no sense that they would not be developed. A wolf, just by virtue of being a wolf has an incredible scent ability, and Bigby is much more than just a wolf. I think that the dulling of his senses was either an accidental oversight (the writers could be over-anthropomorphizing him), or as I said already, they dulled Bigby's senses due to pragmatic reasons.

  • They are merely a few examples out of a mundane many of Bigby having senses, not that he has inhuman abilities... He has simply not been portrayed showing them off. It could have been done,for example, in episode 2 concerning Lilly. Some people think that if Bigby has his full senses it would ruin the game or something, they seem to be forgetting that Bigby still needs to connect evidence to a suspect, not smell a roast beef sandwich from 5 miles away lol. It just seems a bit shoddy to take his heightened senses away, he is the Big Bad Wolf after all.

  • Yes, I can definitely see that. If you want to square it away with canon, I like Ascari's idea that his sense just are not fully developed. And if you're a pragmatist, if his senses were fully developed, that sort of almost omniscience would ruin a crime noir drama type game like this.

  • It has the potential of ruining the game depending on the suspects, as I mentioned he needs to connect evidence to a suspect. That is the most important aspect of his investigation, if the suspect is someone he knows already that means he already has their scent, and there is the potential that he could connect that person to evidence more quickly than someone he does not know. However, there is quite a lot of leeway with this, and he is not exactly omniscient. He could not smell Goldilocks too well when the winds were blowing a certain way.

  • That seems more like an exception than "quite a bit of leeway", but I get your point. It is certainly not to the level of omniscience. Still, in a short game like this, I think we can both agree that if he had a fully developed sensory array, it would make the game into about 1 or 2 episodes. It is too bad that more comics things cannot be added in, I agree. Maybe a sequel if it gets popular enough? Happened to the Walking Dead after two years...

  • Faith is dead. The mirror will say 'whereabouts concealed, blah blah blah'
    In Episode 2, if you have the Woodsman in custody, he will talk about Lily, and if you go to the mirror in Episode 2, "whereabouts concealed, blah blah"

    And Lily is confirmed dead, so....


  • Well yeah, but the guy who glamored Lily gave her a special perfume that was exactly like Snow's.

    "You can't fool this nose."

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    B-b-but, we want to Believe!

    Faith is Love.

    Faith is Life.

    Believe in the higher power.

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    I'm not quite sure what you are getting at. Could you perhaps put your above sentence into context?

  • Well, it is one exception out of many (many being the leeway I mentioned lol). It is a lazy comic book trope to put kinds of restrictions (usually they appear contradictory) on a powerful character for the sake of narrative spoiler if you have not read the comics: For instance there is no reason (if one thinks of Bigby's supposed tactical abilities, which involved vanquishing entire armies by himself) why Bigby could not have taken out Goldilocks, however that restriction was placed on his scent ability so Goldilocks could shoot him, and so Snow could save Bigby. This happenstance went down the way that it did for the sake of the romance in the the story itself. end spolier

    One can find all kinds of these examples where a character is uncharacteristically dimwitted, or not powerful enough in a situation-contrary to previous stories and 'historical' information concerning that characters abilities (there are a number in Sapkowski's Witcher series). My opinion is that continuity must be upheld at all costs, there must be a logical fit, and everything in the story follows from said logical continuity. So instead of having to muddle a characters abilities for the sake of an event in the narrative, the narrative must adhere to the past logical continuity that has already been situated (I hope that makes sense).

  • Okay, all I'm saying is the prowess of his nose capacity is not as strong here as in the comics. I would just chalk it up to being around Snow and Crane for a long time and being accustomed to their particular scents.

  • Not necessarily. I'm sure if the mirror was asked about anyone from the PnP, he would say the same thing. At least those who have a ribbon.

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