1. Melissa
    2. Season 1 (so far)
    3. I'm a guy
    4. Cry, only one I've watched out of 'em
    1. Gavin
    2. season 1
    3. kenny (EDITED TO SATISFY APPLE PIE HATERS) (y no pete :( )
    4. none of them because i either haven't watched or i think they are a moron (no offense to anyone :P)
    1. Melissa, gotta hand it to her for doing a damn good job.

    2. Season 1, for reasons that would turn this into a wall of text.

    3. Nick, I like his eyes.

    4. ...NAH

  • also its hutchison not hutchinson

    1. Gavin
    2. Season 1 so far, but I'm still feeling optimistic for the rest of season 2.
    3. Luke
    4. Cry
  • 1 - Melissa, it's so amazing what she does with her voice.

    2 - Unfair. Season 1 for now

    3 - Hard to say...Luke i guess.

    4 - Nova,i love his personality of a little kid. And him trying to get laid with Carley was amusing.

    Where's Dave Fennoy in the favorite voice actor by the way?

  • 1.) Melissa, her performance as Clementine includes some of the best voice acting I've ever heard, video game or otherwise.

    2.) Season 1, but let Season 2 come into it's own, before casting judgement.

    3.) I'm a guy, so I might be a poor judge. Probably Nick, because he looks like me and I'm a rather dashing gentleman.

    4.) The Adventures of Mute Lee is the only Let's Play that I've seen.

    1. Melissa, she RULZ as Clementine :3.
    2. I'll wait for the whole Season 2 then i'll vote.
    3. I have to say Luke :P (poor Alvin though)
    4. Cry, I just LOVE his voice and all his Let's Plays.
  • 1.Dave/Melissa(I know, we only have to choose one.)

    2.As of right now, S1. But S2 looks like it will turn to be just as good

    . I don't know, man.... I happen to have my man crushes once in a while, but so far that hasn't been the case with TWD.

    4.Oh God! Did you seriously had to bring that turd Pewdiepie into the mix? Who the hell can even stand that guy? And that Toby guy is even worse! Anyway, I'll pick Cry.

  • (I can't click the links from my PC as it sucks, but I'll answer from opinion.) 1) DEFINITELY Dave Fennoy, he just put so much emotion into it. - 2) Season 1, as Season 2 isn't yet finished.I have faith in S2 though. - 3) Luke, I dunno he just seems better looking. - 4) TheGirlFromAus, her reactions are alway legitimate, and she's pretty funny sometimes :) (And to guy above hating on PDP, at least his reactions were honest)

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