Walking Dead Forum Wipeout!

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So with the latest "story" craze going round. I wanted to start this.
The way this will work out, is it will be forum people
in the same story and place as the walking dead video game characters. Season 1 - 2
Choices that effect the life of someone will determine the fate of the forum character it happens to.
for example..
the motor inn may have a forum user in place of the suicide woman, this is a pre-determined death and is only suited for a user selflessly wanting to take the place, or wants out of the story.

however, choices like the pharmacy with carley and doug will have two users.
users then vote on the one they want to survive and THAT player will then be the one to make it out.

I'll be writing the story.

Now. We'll begin Season 1.

I'll need 10 people for episode 1.

  • In Lee's Place (Permanant Till Episode 5) - Tyranitar
  • In Kenny's Place (Permanant Till Episode 5) - Puncake32
  • In Clementines Place (Permanant Till Season 2) - stevean2
  • In Carley's Place - WeMissYouCarley
  • In Dougs Place -
  • In Larrys Place - Markd4547
  • In Lilly's Place - HarpaDarpa
  • In Irene's Place -
  • In Glenns Place - ArthurMatrix
  • In Ducks Place -
  • In Katjaa's Place -

Episode 2:

    • Ben Paul: Dark_Star
    • Mark:
    • Andrew Saint John:
    • Danny Saint John:
    • Brenda Saint John:
    • Jolene:
    • Maybelle:

Episode 3:

    • Charles: PuhChewyChomp
    • Christa: Harpadarpa
    • Omid: Harpadarpa

Episode 4:

    • Molly: iHeartTWD
    • Vernon:
    • Brie:
    • Boyd: Raging_Blades

Episode 5:

Season 2 cast:

    • Luke: Mr_Eeuss
    • Pete: ArthurMatrix
    • Nick: WhatToWriteHere
    • Carlos: Herpadarpa
    • Alvin:
    • Rebecca:
    • Sarah:
    • Carver: Saoralba131
    • Bonnie:
    • Walter:
    • Sarita:

Additional: Things including Dialouge, users will be given multiple choice to fit around the story, of course you cant do anything ot metagame or break the original story, but this will give a chance to allow for new information or dialouge. situations like this will be used like this:


  • A: How are you?
  • B: You didn't have to be such a bitch..
  • C: Is your father going to be okay
  • D: I got something for you..

-USER AS LILLY- [Reaction down to response by user]

  • A: I dislike -USER AS KENNY-
  • B: This isnt the first time..
  • C: You need to get that medicine, NOW
  • D: Y'know ...

Etc. Dialouges can only be choosen by the user playing that character and isnt down to votes by users.
Votes are only for choices/elimiating a user.

Additional 2: While certain main events are going on, that'd focus on Lee. other users involved will be given a paragraph describing their situation and allowed to talk to and respond to the people they're with.
Such as when Lee was convincing Kenny to step down, Ben and the others in the traincar will be allowed to start a conversation. Leading to additonal story, made by US!



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