Would you like to play as him in season 3?

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I remember in one of the interviews on IGN when Greg interviewed Dave Fennoy, they mentioned that TellTale is thinking of making Kenny a playable character in season 3. I think this is possible, because I'm pretty sure that Kenny will not die this season. Why wont he die? Well, Kenny is set on going to Wellington and where do we appear to be in Episode 5? On a place with a lot of snow, which may be Wellington. So, would you like to play as Kenny in season 3 or prefer to have a DLC telling what happened to Kenny after him and Lee got separated. Tell me what you think.



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    No. I want a new character, not a character whose personality is already established.

  • kenny already has a story arc and personality. making him playable would ruin that completely! plus, i can imagine not everybody wants to play as Kenny, seeing as some people really don't like him.

  • The only reason I would like to play as Kenny is to take care of Clementine again. Season 2 doesn't have a character that you want to protect like in season 1. The only person you care for was Clem.

  • Hmm, they're very well aware of how people would drop it if Clem was gone.

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    Honestly... I like Kenny but I don't like the idea of playing as him. I would either want to continue as Clem or have a completely new character. Nothing else.

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    if Clementine's shoes are hard to get into, Kenny's would impossible at this point.

  • Even though i am a huge Kenny fan, i wouldn't want to play as him as the main character. Clem forver, or a whole different group of people.

    I would really enjoy playing a Kenny DLC though.

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    Let my think... NO!

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    Much as I like Kenny, I have to say no. But I definitely wouldn't mind playing as Luke in a season 3, if he lives...

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    Oh god Luke has to live! If he doesn't I'm suing Telltale for emotional damage!

  • I would absolutely love to play Kenny. It would provide an easy excuse to be the asshole character but also enough wiggle room for personal change. Unlikely, but man oh man would I enjoy it.

  • Clem4life

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    Nay. I was fine with playing as Clem because she's an impressionable kid who could believably change enough to be entertaining to play as in your own way. I couldn't really say the same for Kenny.

  • When did Telltale say they were thinking of making Kenny a playable character?

  • Typical Kenny fanboys. Mention someone Kenny hates, and the downvotes fall like rain.



  • I'd say Luke, provided he doesn't turn out to be some major asshole/villain. He hasn't had too much development, so maybe they're keeping him as a blank slate so it'd be easier to consider him for use as the player in a possible third Season.

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    An older Clem around 13-15.Or it could just pick back up what happens after this season.

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    Yeah and I don't even hate Kenny. I just don't feel like I'd want to play him as a playable character in a season 3, that's all o_o


    Molly! :P

  • I like Kenny, but I don't think he should be the main playable character. That would ruin the game for me. The Walking Dead is about Clementine and seeing the world through her eyes. If telltale kill her off, that would be game over for me and I suspect alot of people would feel the same way.

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    It's kind of hypocritical though, if someone wants Kenny for Season 3 their opinion is automatically invalid and wrong, but if someone wants Luke for Season 3 it's okay?

    If Luke lives to the end of Season 2 he will likely have an established personality, so by then they will both have an established personality, and one is automatically better than the other? (Being a "good guy" doesn't make it good enough for you to be the protagonist imo)

    Anyways, I agree with everyone else here. Either Clem again or a whole new group.

    Also, not referring to you lilacsbloom :p

  • Who said their opinion was invalid and wrong though, I didn't o.O have people said it before on the forum?

    And yeah, somebody from a new group would be nice too ^^

  • Hell no ! Don't give telltales some crazy ideas !

  • Oh no what will happen with clem.they just cannot kill her off just to play as Kenny in season 3.

  • I really can't see him as playable character, walking around and inspecting objects, solving "puzzles" ETC.

    Soooo, No please

  • Who said their view was invalid or wrong?

  • If we get to play as kenny the only thing we'll do :YELL,SMASH Things, BEING AN ASSHOLE AND RUINING EVERYTHING (no hate for Kenny).

  • I want both. They sound good, I would want to know about how they were separated and to have him as a playable character is cool

  • I think it would be interesting. I'd rather play as Kenny in Season 3 than a new character or anyone else so far. But that being said... It would only be if certain things happened. If Kenny ends up not getting over his grief by the end of the Season, then no. If he's still acting like Kenny form Season One, then no. Otherwise... Why not?

    Everyone says, "He's got his own personality!" But then... So did Clem. True, they got around that with a massive time skip, but you can't deny it was something evident. Also, what about Bigby in The Wolf Among Us, he has a very distinct personality, yet no one complained when he was made the main character of The Wolf Among Us rather than someone less important from the Fables Universe. And in a way, Lee also had his own distinct personality, we just affect his choices, and how he treated people, but there were certain things about who he was that we couldn't change. We could never make him not like Clem, never have him not protect people(for the most part...). There were limits.

    Plus, considering who Kenny is, those limits wouldn't be too bad. He can go to many extremes in Season One. From hating Lee, to treating him like family. He's capable of making both pragmatic and moral decisions, so if we were to play as an already existing character, he'd be the one least limited in terms of us having to stay in bounds of his personality.

    The only other people I'd consider for a Season 3 protagonist would be Luke, for the same reason that he's a bit more "neutral", he can be practical or humane.

    Obviously I want Clem to stay as the protagonist, but if she wasn't, then Kenny, after him possibly Luke, and if those two characters weren't made protagonist, then I'd really only accept an entirely new character, all the other already existing characters don't make much sense in a playable character role.

  • If Clem is dead and they still continue, you might as well throw season 1 in the trash

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    They could just have her in the group as a non playable character. She doesn't necessarily have to die for a new character to take over as the protagonist.

  • Gavin Hammon mentioned it as a joke on Playing Dead. Dave Fennoy then mentioned it the next episode being completely serious, saying he thought Kenny would be an excellent playable character for Season 3. Gavin then said that he thought it would be a terrible idea here on the Telltale Forums(he has an account here, people were asking him questions).

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    Hinting at it, at least. Kenny as a protagonist of Season 3 (Which I don't want either) would make some people boycott the game, say it was ruined, ect but recently I've been seeing a lot of people who are really open to the idea of Luke as the protagonist of Season 3, which like I said is (In my opinion at least) blatant hypocrisy.

    Clem is the protagonist of Season 2 because we have such an emotional connection to her, and if Luke does have an established personality or character arc and then they make him the protagonist of Season 3, it would feel...Weird, I guess. It would make us feel like we should keep roleplaying as what his personality was, rather than making our own choices.

    I might be a little more open to Luke as S3 protagonist if they keep him as just a good samaritan for the rest of S2, and then once in Season 3 we could shape his personality more.

  • I would not want to play as Kenny for a whole Season, despite him being one of my favorite characters. I would, however, be all four a DLC exploring his escape from Savannah and the subsequent events that he went through up until Season 2. That's as far as I'd go, though.

  • No please no

  • I agree with pretty much everything you're saying, with the exception of one thing:

    Luke is way less defined than Kenny is so far, and so at this very moment he seems like a more suitable candidate for protagonist.

    We'll see what the situation is at the end of episode 5.

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  • Totally the Juice Box for Season 3 Protagonist, quenching the thirst for all who are thirsty.

  • When is episode 5 coming out? October 2nd 2016?

  • But, Alvin ran out of Juice Boxes.... Clementine drank the blood of the last Juice Box.

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