• I can see that happening. Honestly, I expect Kenny's irrational hotheadedness is gonna be his downfall.

    • True, but it will really break my heart if he is acting like good ol' asshole Kenny and somebody like Carlos gets fed up and puts him down. I really want to help Kenny cope with this world, he feels like the last family Clementine has. But his attitude lately is unsettling, he is fronting and acting like everything is fine but we know he is the one guy who will probably never be "fine".

    • I've the same opinion ...

  • I can see him doing something like Lilly

    I.e. he becomes so overwhelmed by seeing his loved ones fall that he just snaps and acts like a bitch

    • Yeah this is sort of what I am thinking. He seems a little off in the head, I can see him making a big deal out of something and thinking he is doing the right thing by taking matters into his own hands.

  • Well we all know Kenny will do something shocking.but hopefully all the shocking things maybe he will do to Carver.(wishful thinking)then i would be Cheering.

  • I don't know if he'll murder someone in cold blood, but he's probably going to snap, or more of his bad side is going to be revealed. Maybe he's even more off the deep end than we initially thought. There's a lot of potential for things to happen.

    I can't really say for sure if I'll support him. It depends on what he does. I pity him for all he's been through, but if he starts acting unreasonably, then I won't stand back and just let it happen.

    • I feel like TTG is going to have him do something drastic just to shake off a few of the Kenny fanboys (like me lol). My Clementine is watching out for him because she knew how much Lee cared about him, but how long until the novelty wears off and Kenny is acting as a force of destruction?

      • I think so too, knowing TTG, they're probably going to make us regret ever wanting Kenny to come back.

        Lee (if you played him as Kenny's buddy, that is) would probably want Clem to look out for him, but if he did something completely unforgivable, then I think he'd want him to be 'set straight', like with the time Lee and Kenny fought on the train. Lee cares, but he wouldn't coddle him. Kenny's an adult man, and he should know better than acting impulsively and denying what's in front of him.

        • This is spot on. Kenny and Lee were close as brothers in my playthrough but Lee still almost choked him out on that train. You pretty much nailed how I intend to handle Kenny though, have his back but bring him a reality check when he needs one.

  • yeah I don't think Kenny's going to be the same again. I think he's going to do something really bad as well since telltale brought him back I doubt he's going to be our friend throughout this season but I hope im wrong

  • Yeah, I can see him doing something that would be a total game-changer for his character. I don't think it'll get him killed. He's already escaped death once, so it would be kind of pointless to bring back Kenny just to kill him. But I can see him doing something that would cause Clem and the group to lose respect for him.

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    WhatTheDuck BANNED

    The stache cancer Kenny has is about to go malignant.XD

  • You gave an idea based on the achievement witnessed a murder right Kenny will be the one to commit then the only witness will Clem so he will ask her to conceal the truth because if they found out Kenny murdered X he'll be in deep trouble.

    • This would be a really cool scenario, and incredibly tough as well! I would probably have Kenny's back as long as the circumstances surrounding the murder weren't completely malevolent, but damn.

  • I have a feeling he's going to kill someone brutally, such as strangling or maybe even dismembering someone with his bare hands.

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