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Why is the first episode named Faith?

posted by RafaelioOlazerai on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users

If I'm not mistaken, Bufkin says that Donkeyskin girl prefers to go by the name Faith. But did she choose her name? For a reason maybe? I'm sure the writers have named the first episode Faith for a bigger reason than a prostitute with 5 minutes of dialogue that dies off-screen, her decapitated head and whereabouts being the first leads into a murder/serial killing investigation.

I mean, the second episode wasn't named Lily and the leads are almost all about her, huh? Smoke and mirrors to me signifies deception, like the whole scene in room 207 (milimeters maybe?) being a staged crime scene. I didn't think about ep3's title yet (I'm not English native. I had to look up for the possible meanings of crooked) but to me every episode name must be of significance, and the first wouldn't be different.

I'm guessing Faith must be about the events of the first episode meaning something to the Fable community, like the character Faith risking her life for something greater than herself. Like she wanted to get Bigby, who she had faith in, to face that which all the fable community was afraid of, except for him for being such a lone wolf, plus a badass nobody in their right mind would wanna mess with.

What do you guys think? Could Faith mean something more than a dead girl's name? Do you have any guesses?

Feel free to go on about Faith making a come back in the next episodes or anything related with her. Thanks!

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