Season One Choices!

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QUESTION: I got had The Walking Dead Season One on PS3 and sold it back when I was done, but now I'm playing Season Two on my laptop. I have completed the two episodes that exist but because I didn't have Season One on my laptop the decisions I actually made during Season One weren't represented. My question is if I download Season One to my laptop and play through it, can I then restart Season Two and have my decisions be represented, and how much do those decisions actually impact Season Two? Is it worth it to download?


  • I dunno about the technical stuff, but so far, the decisions from season 1 are minimal at best... But, episode 3 looks like that's gonna change that.

  • Yes, you can and it is worth it

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    Yes that will work, And yes get season 1 on your laptop, It does have quite the impact on season 2, your choices as Lee will affect how clementine follows in your footsteps and how she remembers you in season two.

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