• This is my theory feel free to look if you want...

  • Honestly, i don't think Goldie did it. But i guess i just gotta sit back and wait.

  • Wouldn't the glamoured Faith body, be Lily? I don't think a body is left when a person glamours into someone else? I might have misunderstood what you were saying though.

    • Yea I mentioned that Lily was glamoured to look like Faith first. Then Narrisa hide the Faith glamours body and put the head on the door step of the woodslands motel. That explains the picture and the real reason she was at the woodsman's place. Lily's a troll so she needed to look pretty using glamours. So yea Lily, Vivian, and Narrisa all set this game up to screw with Bigby. The real Faith is still alive glamoured as someone else. In the comics I think Rose Red used a glamour that looked like Faith to escape her past. So yea Faith is probably disguised...

  • I don't think Telltale's staff are that much of assholes to not close the story and make you read the comic to find out Goldie is the killer. It doesn't seem like they made this game where you have to know much about it, hence it being a prequel.

    • It's pretty obvious tho. The Butcher is a axe man who chops Fables heads off at the farm. So episode 4 we will probably go to the farm to meet The Butcher. Goldie locks is a revolutionary Fable who kills off other Fables. She also works for Baba Yaba who is another vilian. Tell Tale doesn't expect players to read the comics first. They are opening up the series to people so they can read the comics. But those who already read the comics knows the villians and who the killer is.

      • We will go to the farm in episode 4. It's why we see a pig.. Either Colin or his brothers

  • There is one point that makes no sense:
    Lilly was glamoured as Faith when they took the photo, because she was a troll. But is the girl on the right? Vivian glamoured as Lilly? She wouldn't need to, because she is a human.

    Oh, and glamours don't produce "extra bodies" when they wear off.

    • How would you know Vivian to be human?
      • I don't, but the game would be very confusing if everyone was glamoured at some point:
        Vivian as Lilly, Lilly as Faith and then Snow, and Faith alive glamoured as someone else. (And Lilly too)
        If this theory was correct, I couldn't be sure that any Fable at all is what they look like and wouldn't be able to trust anyone!
  • 2 problems with this theory. 1. They actually have Faiths head and lily's head so the prediction that Lily was Faith went right out the window. 2. Lily told Faith to go to the woodsman's as confirmed by a note found in the pudding and pie in episode 2. Also, I doubt that Lily would let woodsman beat on her just to pretend she doesn't know him.
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