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I still dont know how Rick survived in that Coma

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unattended for a whole month! Humans need water or they will die in 3 days? so he must have been getting fluids via the tubes stuck in his body, ok i can somewhat get on board with that! But if you get fluids everyday, your gunna need to pee right? Now if you pee on yourself everyday for a month and it goes uncleaned, you are gunna have one hell of a blister problem, it would prolly get infected too, you would die, it would have made more sense if Rick woke up as a walker....................

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  • He survived the coma because LOL KIRKMAN

  • EDIT

    I just found out via another forum that rick in the TV show had a catheter ( something that people pee into if unable to get to the bathroom ) so that clears up the icky Pee situation at least

  • I m going to get fictional isn't being in a coma like being in stasis?

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