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Who is a better writer in your opinion?

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Robert Kirkman or Nick Breckon ? In my opinion ,it's Kirkman. He was pretty great until that last issue

  • Both suck but Breckon is better. Vanaman #1 btw

    • I think you are underestimating Kirkman a bit there. Breckon is not really bad either. But he has a lot of inconsistency in his writing.

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        Apart from killing off Omid way too early & the inconsistency in Nick Breckon's writing, I think he's pretty good.

        • Well, I think we all knew deep inside Omid won't really make it through episode 1. Then again, we didn't expect him to die in the first 5-10 minutes either. We also found out he is a one minute man.... So yeah, that's doesn't give Breckon any bragging rights.

          If I'm not mistaken, he's writing the season finale,right?

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            Breckon is writing the season finale, yes, I just hope he sorts out his writing because i'm worried he won't be able to pull off a season finale.

            • He wrote A House Divided too you know. Got to give him credit for that.

              • Which had a lot of the aforementioned inconsistencies in writing, making the group of (presumably, although I've got a theory) capable survivors look like idiots, forcing an outlook upon Clem in almost every dialogue option that many find jarring and "I got lucky, real lucky". Although yes, he did also write the good parts of the episode.

                • Maybe Kenny did get lucky. Don't know what other way he could explain that, but yes, the writing for most minor things were really questionable.

                  Clem can shut down a wind turbine. Her dad was an engineer, she knows what she's doing :b

                • Still, it is so far considered to be the best episode from either Season by most people, so I'd count it as a massive positive for him.

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                    GOUSTTTT BANNED

                    A House Divided is my second favorite Episode but it still has it's flaws.

                    • All of them have flaws.

                      Though, what's your favorite episode then?

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                        GOUSTTTT BANNED

                        True, All Episodes do have there flaws but A House Divided had some that really pissed me off, I think you already know i'm not happy with the bridge scene, Kenny got real lucky is one that really annoyed me too but I digress.

                        My favorite Episode is No Time Left.

                        • Ah, No Time Left would be a close second for me. The main thing though that I like about Season Two as a whole so far is that it's more focused. We've got a clear villain(Carver), and a clear goal(Wellington/killing Carver). Sometimes this isn't good, but I say in this situation it is. The Walking Dead is a story fueled by the conflict between our survivors and the human monsters they encounter. Season One didn't have a lot of that, only in Episode Two. This one is shaping up to have a really great villain and a fantastic story surrounding him.

                          The main reason I put A House Divided as my favorite was the ending scene(couldn't have been done any better), and the beginning with Pete(Nick's scene was great as well). I also loved the aesthetic feel of the episode. Being up in the mountains and in the forest was, for me, much more compelling than Savannah or Macon. In fact, my favorite area from season One was on the train.

                          And of course, I'm starting to like a lot of these new characters... real shame about Walter though...

                  • 'It is considered the best episode from either season by most people'

                    Source for knowing this? If I remember correctly A long road ahead had the best reviews, and loads of people put it or starved for help above a house divided on this forum in a thread asking for favourite episodes.

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                      GOUSTTTT BANNED

                      I don't trust reviews, Most reviews said Bioshock Infinite was a great game with a really good story but when I played it, I thought the story was stuck up it's own ass, Not to mention all the plotholes, It had pretty bad gameplay too, anyway, What I'm trying to say is reviews don't really mean much.

                      • I was talking mainly about Metacritic, which is a good representation.

                        Besides, just because you disagree with a review, it doesn't means that the majority do. If most professional companies think the game is good, chances are that most will also think it's good.

                    • Besides, whether many want to admit it or not, whenever a new episode comes out, many will claim it is their favorite because of the hype. I'm not saying all of you guys do, but it happens, and it's normal. However, hindsight and a cooler head are what decide my favorite episodes.

                    • Alright, from what I've seen it's considered to be the best episode by most. From what I've seen.

          • If I'm not mistaken, he's writing the season finale,right?


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  • I actually like how the last issue ended, I like Negan and am glad he is alive and still a character, maybe he will chamnge his ways and get out one day and save someones life, maybe Maggies kid?

  • The writer for episode 2 made Clem extremely sassy, and almost out of character. Granted we don't know how much she could have changed in 16 months but...

    Certain things Clementine says like "I had a treehouse once, I hated it.." I feel were creative decisions he shouldn't have taken with a character we know pretty well. Sure Clementine has changed NOW, but who she was before.. and I will quote her steam icon bio..: "Clementine is a quiet and imaginative girl with two attentive, loving parents. She’s incredibly resourceful, choosing to spend time building elaborate fantasies in her tree-house instead of watching cartoons or playing with dolls. She doesn’t get scared but will clam up if nervous. Reserved and shy, her actions speak louder than her words."

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      So she did like her treehouse...

    • Good to know im not the only one still bothered by the treehouse thing.

    • Plus I did not like Rebeccas sudden change of heart towards Clem in episode 2, Based on how she ( Becca ) was in episode 1, i really thought she would still be a bitch to Clem but she all of a sudden started being nice to her!

      I really did think that she would continue to be a bitch to Clem until episode 3 where it looks like Clem is helping her give birth .. i thought THAT scenario would be what makes her like Clem

    • I think that she said that just to be cool in front of Luke but that's probably just my theory :P Anyway,I wouldn't be surprised if she hates her treehouse now : she was TRAPPED there during the first three days of the apocalypse,possibly without water or food. And remember what she said in the first episode : "I don't want to sleep in the treehouse tonight". So I think that the line is pretty legit.

    • True, they changed her so suddenly, it doesn't make any sense. "I hated it." means she was talking in past tense, when before she talked about creating fantasies and enjoying her time up in it. It almost feels like Breckon didn't do his research...

      • When did she say that? I can't recall any instances of Clem speaking fondly of her treehouse to Lee or anybody, just that she was stuck up there for a while, and that she saw him while she was in there. Either I forgot, or there's a dialogue choice I haven't seen yet. That bio somebody mentioned up there is the first time I've ever heard of Clem "creating fantasies" up in that treehouse.

        And even if she did, like someone else said, considering that her last memories of it are being trapped up there for days, it probably doesn't bring back good memories.

    • You stay up in a treehouse for 3 days straight, scared out of your mind as you hear people die and scream around you, and the stench of blood and death reach you. You spend 3 days there waiting and hoping your parents come back, with every hour and day seeming more and more horrible. Three days, clutching onto that hammer. Not to mention if she never came out of that treehouse, if the two of them never met, maybe Lee wouldn't have ended up dead. She could have thought that.

      So no. It's not a stretch to say she hated her treehouse after that. After 27-ish months in the Apocalyse, with us only seeing 3, it's about time people get over Clementine being seen as naive. You haven't seen this girl for about a year. She's not the same. Stop expecting her to be. She resembles what she once was, but isn't a carbon copy.

      • Actually, that's just proving how much more I would love that treehouse. It protected her until Lee arrived, keeping her out of the dangers that lurked below. I'm sorry, but that just proves how much more any normal person would like that treehouse, it kept her safe. And dayum, did I shank a nerve on accident, I'm sorry for voicing my opinion. I'm sorry, but it still doesn't seem logical. You spend a good amount of your time, every day, in a treehouse, where you make elaborate fantasies and enjoy yourself, and these last moments of your time in it dictate how you feel about the subject for the rest of your life? And besides, it would have been cool for the writers to make different answers determining on your teachings as Lee. And besides, she came out of the treehouse. What are you suggesting? That the treehouse held her hostage from Lee?

  • I don't like Breckon's writing. Lots of inconsistencies, errors, changing Clem too much, making Carlos look like an idiot etc. I'm glad he's not writing Ep. 3.

    • Do we know who is? Also I would like to see Gary Whitta write an episode again I really enjoyed Episode 4. Now for my thoughts on who is better,I think Kirkman definitely because as many others have said Breckon just changed all of the cabin geoup to have a sudden change of heart to Clem,also the Carlos thing was pretty dumb too as Euss has said.However one thing that I didn't mind as much was Omid dying,yeah it was a pretty stupid death because he could have jumped Michelle and grabbed the gun but I wasn't expecting him to dies so early,so it shocked me.

    • Lots of errors, and plot holes.

  • I wonder why Telltale didn't get the writers from Season 1 to write Season 2? I am not saying that Breckon is a bad writer, if one can look pass the errors and inconsistencies, Episode 1&2 has some strong and clever moments. I hopes that Breckon will improve by the time of the season finale.

    EDIT: I find out why Season 1 writers didn't write for Season 2. They both left Telltale to start their own company.

  • I don't like either as writers...

    Eh, I'd take Breckon over Kirkman any day. Kirkman's writing is just blatantly messy on all accounts.

  • I like Kirkman because he's not afraid to kill anyone off. That's how I would do it if I were a writer.

  • Breckon. Other than a few things mentioned, I don't really have an issue with him. AHD was still one of my favourite episodes in the series.

  • I think it's a little unfair to compare them. Kirkman has written 10 years worth of comics material, and Nick Breckon has written(for The Walking dead) two episodes.

    Still, A House Divided was fantastic, and I think it was better than any of the episode form either Season... So that's a big plus.

    I won't say which one I think is better, but on an individual level, I think the closest Kirkman came to writing anything as good as A House Divided was the All Out War story arc, including the end which I thought was fantastic.

  • Eh, Breckon is okay I wish Vanaman was still there to write 'Season Two'. It'd be interesting to see how he would have done things.

    As for Kirkman I find him to be a good writer, and really I don't nind the ending to 'All Out War' as I feel he will build Negan up for another story-arc.

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