I hate that people/Christa blame Clem for his death

Yes, Omid told her to keep track of her things. But tell me, if you dropped your water bottle in a small space, would you make sure you took your gun with you as you walked a whole 3 inches? If anything it's Christas fault. She wanted Omid to have sex.



  • It's Christa and Omid's fault for fucking each other instead of protecting Clem. That is exactly why I said I wanted Ken to look after Clem. Although I was screaming at my screen "WHAT THE FUCK GET THE GUN NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"

  • I see your point.But why is it Christa's fault for wanting to have sex lol,and how do we know Omid didn't do the persuading ;).

  • It's entirely Clem's fault. That's the reason she has a gun. I don't hold it against her, but it's in no way not her fault.

  • It's not Clementine's fault.
    It's not Omid's fault.
    It's not Christa's fault.
    It's Michelle's fault. She stole the gun, and shot Omid.

    Could things have been handled better? Yes.
    Does this mean we should blame the victims? No.

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    Why is wanting to have sex more Christa's fault than Omid's?

    Surely that is the fault of both, not just her?

  • It's not 'entirely' her fault: Michelle has some blame in it surely.

  • I certainly tried to take the gun when Clem dropped the water bottle, and I certainly would have if it were an option. So yes, I would take the gun with me if I were just walking a few feet, so I can blame Clem for Omid's death. I don't hate her for it, but it was Clem's fault.

  • You know what I mean.

  • I'm sorry, but for some players, Lee died giving Clem some valuable advice. To keep the gun close to you, as in "take the gun, Clem. Always the gun..."

    I don't mean to sound like a dick, but I'm kinda irked that Clem didn't take the gun. It's her fault.

  • She is most definitely to blame for his death. If she should be held accountable for it is the only question.

  • Wait....How do we know they wanted to have sexy time? (sex)

  • I remember that if you pick "I miss Omid" Christa gives Clementine a real angry look, and again if you mention about him saying "Omid was going to teach me" about the fire stuff, Christa snaps again. She really holds Omid's death against her...but then he wouldn't be dead if they hadn't chosen to relive vegas in the other restroom! She's a little kid for crying out loud and they let her walk in there without checking first for her? She could've been munched by a bunch of walkers hiding in there.

    That's bad parenting right there is all I'm saying, and Clem was only 9 at the time.

  • What else coudl you mean by 'It's entirely Clem's fault'?

    You don't leave much up to interpretation there dude :p

  • It's telltale's fault that there isn't a decision to pick up the gun.

    BUT NOOOOOOOO, let's have omid die in the first 10 minutes

  • It wasn't anyone's entire fault, But christa wanted to have sex when she was pregnant and Clem forgot to pick up her gun but christa and omid should have stayed with clem

  • Blame not the one who owned the gun but the one who pulled the trigger. It was entirely Michelle fault

  • Clementine may have made a mistake leaving her gun right there, but I think Omid and Christa made a bigger mistake when they trusted everything would just be okay sending Clem in there alone and running off to do the naughty elsewhere. Christ sakes she's still a 10 year old girl. They sort of created the situation, however Michelle should be the only one truly blamed for it. She was a terrible human being.

    The thing about blame is it doesn't really matter who it's assigned to, Clementine, Michelle, it's pointless and won't bring Omid back.

  • How do we know they were gonna have the sex?

  • While it was surely indirectly, she is indeed still responsible. She was told to keep track of her things. Not doing so resulted in Omid dying. It's unfortunate, and not's like she meant it, but it's her fault all the same.

  • It was implied they were you going to have sex or make out

  • Again it was not just one person's fault remember THAT

  • I'm not sure if Christa blames her for Omid's death but just doesn't like when she brings him up. It really wasn't clem's fault though, she couldn't have done anything.

  • By entirely Clem's fault the word entirely is referring to and denouncing of the notion it's not her fault.

  • It's indirectly Clem's fault for leaving the gun. Omid was close enough to that one chick he could have easily leaped in and grabbed the gun.

  • Hey another saltlick! We will crush the humans....

  • It was everyone's fault (Christa and Omid for leaving Clem alone, Clem for leaving the gun, the door for closing, Michelle for shooting him), but Christa needs someone to blame. And it's very clear months of this caused Clementine to blame herself, too.

  • It's definitely Christa/Omid's fault. Yeah she did leave the gun for a second, which she shouldn't have done, but none of it WOULD HAVE EVER HAPPENED IF THEY DECIDED TO GO HAVE SEX INSTEAD OF PROTECTING A FRIGGIN' 9 YEAR OLD GIRL. Now, I understand people have sex drive but couldn't they do that at some time whenever she wasn't goiNG TO BE LEFT ALONE TO SEARCH A BATHROOM! OH MAH GAWD.

  • Seriously, change your topic title. The Vita version JUST came out.

  • then if you play vita and you want to play it you would have played it by now and not be on the forums lol

  • Whilsr I like Clem, it was her fault. Literally as she was going to get her water bottle I was thinking 'Shouldn't you take your gun with you?'

    Eh, well what's done is done.

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  • Clem should have ran out and grabbed her gun when she heard michelle coming in

  • Just wanted to say please let's not get into an argument over this you two just throwin it out there

  • What? Adults are absolutely infinitely more culpable than a child. THEY should have secured the area. THEY should have done a sweep of the bathrooms. THEY should have been thinking ahead of the moment. Yes, Clem made a mistake in leaving her gun out of her sight, but that was her ONE responsibility. Christa and Omid absolutely blew off ALL of their responsibilities in order to go fool around. You'd think at the very least they'd make sure no zombies were around before they started talking about 'remember that time. Maybe it would be understandable if they were teenagers, but not adults. They understood much more the implications of their actions.

    Gosh, that baby probably would have been in good hands if it had survived, huh?

  • how? I didn't get that? maybe they wanted to talk about the birth and what to do with clementine about the birth?

  • Christa brought it up, and Omid agreed. 'Remember that time in... where ever she said?' And gives Omid the look that says 'not the things we did that we wouldn't mind this little girl hearing us talk about.' Omid replied 'Vegas weekend?' with the look that says 'Of course I remember that time, we were making friction with our genitals.' And then tells Clem to go clean up in the other bathroom. They were both equally wrong.

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    lol when omid was like, why don't you use the girls bathroom clem? And omid went in the other one with crista, I was like "oh they are not.. wait are they... right next door!... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

    when you think of it, clem could have walked in at any moment... 0_0

  • OP: Omid wanted to fuck too, he was just as much at fault for not saying 'Gosh, before we do the humpty hump, we should make sure no zombies or hostile people or animals are in and around this bathroom.' He was a consenting adult, too. As far as we can infer, at least.

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    humpty hump


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