Is anyone else worried if...

If maybe, Snow White become Deputy Mayor that she'll get in that uptight business bitch mode.. I mean I loved her in episode 1 because she seemed calm cool and collected.. and caring. But at times I think ever since Bigby told Snow about Crane loving her (in a perverted way) that she got even more angry and that she needs a break. Honestly I feel bad for her for all the shit she'd have to go through for most of her life.



  • She kind of does in the comics.

  • If you love Snow White , you have to love the not so likable parts too lol

  • I don't think she's becoming that bitchy. I personally like strong women.

  • Its a little offputting, but overall I don't think she's been too bitchy. There were only two instances where I was like WTF. 1. When she told Bigby that she was not his to lose. 2. When she was trying to force Bigby burn the tree.

  • She's just strict, that's all

  • She was right about the first thing. They have no kind of romantic relationship so she wasn't his. Maybe the way she said it was a little harsh but it was true.

  • Overall Snow White is a caring person, at least she's not like Holly

  • Rarely she is a bitch, but I guess she's just getting tired of this bullshit in Fabletown and killings

  • She's just not that strict, I mean she's just angry and thinks she's gonna take over as Deputy Mayor since Crane's gone. But then bluebeards gonna step in. Shit's gonna hit the fan badly

  • Those are major pin points, i'm just saying she might get even more serious and act "strict" if she becomes Deputy Mayor.

  • So i'm guessing Bigby does care a lot about her and Snow doesn't.. really realize it like he does?

  • I thought she wasn't like that in the Comics.

  • Why won't Bigby suspect Snow? Ain't she the first to discover Faith's head?

  • She only found the head, she never killed Faith so there's not much you can get outta her

  • She changes a lot throughout the comics, but in the beginning shes like that a bit but I love it because it makes her seem not perfect because no one is perfect.

  • I understand not in a romantic relationship, but I'd probably feel like that with a good friend or even a mentor.

  • In the comics shes kind of an ice queen,(Which is stated by Pinocchio) Over the course of the comics she comes out of her shell more. Thanks to bigby.

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    That's the deal with her in the comics, but deep inside she is like you have seen her in episode 1. She just doesn't want to be used anymore and wants to seem really strong and all. Also she is scarred by her past. I really hope we get to see Boy Blue (he's one of my favorites and he's also badass) by the end of this season since he is the one replacing her while she takes the place of Crane. I started the comics not long ago and they are brilliant. One of the best series ever, I really recommend them to anyone who likes The Wolf Among Us. It gives you a much better perspective of each character. Also you'll understand TWAU better.

  • I don't remember it happening in my playthroughs, but I watched someone play episode 3 and Snow kept pulling rank on Bigby trying to order him around. It was weird.

  • She was kinda bossing Bigby around, like she was angry about Crane doing his "ambitions" with the money and the prostitutes, and she thought since Crane wouldn't be around that her and Bluebeard would start fighting on who would run the Business Office (Spoiler! Snow wins ^_^)

  • The only part I thought Snow was bitching out , was the part with the tree at Greanleaf's appartment . Other than that , I was fine .

    Btw > Don't burn the tree , you arsonist , p*ssy whiped , people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waddya mean like holly? I mean idk how she is in the comics but I love her in the game, she just as caring as snow except she's more blunt about it which is y I like her. She doesn't sugar coat things. She may has a hard shel but I no she just wants a warm hug :)

  • You still have to burn the tree once for the entries in Book of Fables. Snow's memory affected her thought process. If you are silent Snow won't tell Bigby to burn the tree after Greenleaf tells where Crane is.

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    But Snow White likes it when bad things are happening they make her tingle from remembering the good old days when they all knew each other fablely of course..........

    She could be as good as she is evil, she was cloned for a reason, but what an innocent victim, where are the dwarves? Hahaha

  • There are normal playthroughs and playthroughs that you fuck up everything just to see all the possible reactions . My note goes to the 1rst case :)

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    Prince Charming made this quote regarding Snow's view on Bigby to Bluebeard back in the comics.

    "Oh, don't go by how she treats him. She's been so relentlessly betrayed by everyone she's ever loved, she can't help but snap and snarl at a new love."

  • Holly isn't a character in the comics, but I wish she was :) I like her a lot.

  • She doesn't realize his feelings because she is extremely naiive toward the beginning of the comics. Even Rose (Her twin sister) has to point things out for her when they go on a trip to the farm because she doesn't realize that the Fable who was killed the night they arrived was supposed to be a message to Snow and the head Fables of the government.

  • There are several playthrough methods, but the best is always doing it like Bigby would in the comics.

  • Having read the comics , I doubt Bigby would burn the tree
  • I agree. Bigby would think about improving his relations with everyone, and he knows Snow has been blinded by wanting revenge on Crane for using her hair to act out his fantasies (that is the reason).
  • Snow White isn't evil she just wants Fable-town to be pure, without any crime. But I guess sometimes she'd like a little investigating once there isn't any crimes going around, maybe some "excitement".
  • So if you stay silent before Greenleaf tells Bigby where Crane is, or after?
  • Just before, and Snow won't say "that's an order", she will just head towards the door yet still says the line for not burning the tree.
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    ***Trigger Warnings for Rape***

    She's being human. Snow has had an extremely traumatic and difficult life. Everyone she has ever cared about has left or betrayed her. We all know the story of her step mother so I don't need to go into that, but before Snow met Prince Charming it was heavily implied in the comics that the dwarfs that had "taken her in" had raped her. She then gets married to Prince Charming who cheats on her with her sister Rose Red. Snow leaves Prince Charming and refuses to talk to Rose Red for a very, very long time. Because of all the pain she experienced, Snow has become a very closed off person.

    If you can think back to the beginning of EP 3 when Beauty tells Bigby to tell Snow about Crane's perverted fantasy, she basically tells him to tell her but be careful in how he handles it. She tells him that Snow's been through a lot, which she totally has. I'm not sure if Beauty knows the exact details of Snow's past, the things she said in this scene strongly lead me to believe that she knows Snow is a potential survivor of rape.

    And while some may think Snow was being outrageous when she got angry at Bigby saying, "I'm not yours to lose", it was in direct response to him trying to shelter her for his own peace of mind. Snow's been hurt before, but Snow cares about the Fabletown inhabitants and she puts the well being of the community over her own. Bigby was being selfish, Snow was thinking about the community and the task at hand.
  • I wouldn't say she doesn't care fore Bigby, but I think she is putting up a front/protecting herself from getting hurt again because of her past.
  • Bigby just cares about her a lot, and ever since they met he's just been growing an emotional attachment to Snow ever since.
  • Because about half of TWAU characters are made by telltale. Only Snow White, Bigby, Beauty and Beast, Ichabod Crane (Only briefly in one issue though), Bufkin, Colin, Rose Red (Briefly mentioned in the game by Snow in Ep. 2), Jack, Bluebeard, and Dr. Swineheart have a role in the comic books. It's assumed that TJ is an adult frog in the comics, but if it is him, he was only a background character that wasn't formally named at all. Just a wandering frog. Technically the Woodsman is also a character, but he doesn't look the same as the one in the game, presumably because his only appearance was in an issue after Telltale released it's game and Buckingham or whoever penciled him in might of wanted to create their own version of him. But he's supposed to be the same guy.
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