A few things to think about.

First: Who was wearing jeans? There was a piece of jeans fabric on the floor. Bigby even considered it came from Snow's skirt. There's also a hint that the head was placed by someone a little clumsy, because of the blood on the bars. One character that could fit it is Lilly. She was wearing jeans skirt just like Snow, and she is a troll, clumsy by nature.

Second: TJ's staitement, someone was saying: "stop laughing at me!", at the same time Lilly was being dumped. It all points to the fact that Crane was interrupted when he was with Lilly in her Snow form, and watched the whole thing. No wonder they came for him at the end of the 3rd episode. he knew too much.

Third: Woody's axe has a blessing... maybe there's more to it.

Fourth: Why was greenleaf's house shaking? As in reacting to being made nervous? Could it have chicken legs, like Baba yaga's?

Fifth: Who could be responsable for the "these lips are sealed" spell? Of course it's a spell... From a very powerfull witch, probably, although i don't want to go to deep into the Baba Yaga thing, it's something to ponder.

Finally: Everyone seems to be aware of a higher power, someone who's already in control, someone who's coming soon. This is why i think every revealed suspect is a diversion, even the croocked man.


  • 1) Jack
    2) IDK
    3) Duh
    4) Probably some weird magic
    5) TCM
    6) Maybe

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